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Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Editorial!

15 Apr

To start this week off, I wanted to post a little bridal inspiration now that season is well underway – I am so happy to FINALLY be able to show off this lovely shoot from last year! Featured in the Winter issue of Heirloom magazine as well.

I wanted to keep this post small, as there are so many photos I couldn’t post them all, but I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to hit up the video posted below to watch everyone’s full collaboration on this editorial Bridal shoot; as this shoot consisted of an all-star team of some of the most amazing and highly sought after wedding vendors in the city!

Enjoy ūüôā

Vancouver Wedding Vancouver Wedding Vancouver Wedding Makeup Vancouver Wedding Makeup Artist Felicia Bromba Vancouver Wedding Makeup Artist Wedding Vancouver Water Fall Building Vancouver Wedding Flowers Vancouver Wedding Bridal Gown




























The Team:

Venue:  the waterfall building

Gown/ Tux: Allison @ Manuel Mendoza 

Florist: Evan @ Flowerz

Makeup: Felicia @ Brides by Felicia

Hair: Victoria @ Vancouver Mobile Hairstylist 

Jewelry: Elsa+ Madalena @ Elsa Corsi/ Jeweliette 

Custom Furniture: Michelle @ Hartt Designs 

Decor/ Props/ Styling: Dawna @ Aroka Vintage

Stationary:  Laura @ Laura Lavender

Sweets: Kien @ Kien and Sweets 

Shoes/Bags: Marissa @ Lords Shoes

Musicians: Laria, Karina, Jacek, Aleksandra @ Musical Occasions

Female Model: Caroline Henry

Male Model: Sydney Estrada

Chair Covers : Chair Decor Etc. 

Photography: Jeanie @ Studio Jeanie

Planning/ Stylizing: Kailey Michelle @ Kailey Michelle Events

Videography: Fill in the Blank Studios 

Understanding your Contracts – (Part 4) Image release forms.

6 Jan

In this day and age Photoshop runs rampant in all our Magazines and more.¬† Many clients now request to see “original” images from many of their providers. Specifically that of their Beauty and Make-up and Hair providers for the¬† services they are booking.

Since most of us ladies know just how and what we look like when we wake up in the morning, to us, seeing another “without make-up” is no big deal at all. Doesn’t even phase us…

Without these images to display, as requested by the clients, we as beauty providers have nothing to gauge our galleries on, you have nothing to see in order to hire us said vendors!

Sure we can post all the professional models and photoshoots in the world, young flawless models… but how is a client to really know just how much is actually your work and skills and just how much was digitally altered to achieve that perfect photo?

For many clients these photos are also on a¬† “book or don’t book” scenario. However it is also a catch 22. For a client to book solely on the merit of a vendors previous client transformations, then they themselves,¬† ask not to be posted. What message does that send? Never the less it actually hurts your artist in question who may rely on these images!

Which brings me to the post at hand; Image Release forms.

They are in place for many reasons, but mostly for the mutual respect and protection of the individual signing it.

Images are usually, for most artists anyways, posted anonymously. We prefer it that way. We have no need to list names and client  information,  future clients do not care, as it has no meaning to them anyways.

These images are a way of gearing a real life reference to another client to show everything from optional color choices, different make-up styling’s, lashes choices and so on.

Clients sign a release to state exactly that!¬† That an artist doing the work in question can post these images on their sites, they are not to be used for “outside” purposes, sold off etc. without the clients permissions. Simple as that, as stated on the forms.

Additional clauses may be found such as “images may be slightly altered for professional posting”…translation: We might need to tweak coloring, remove a few “blemishes”, ¬†things like that.

Or in the case of¬† photographers, a separate area to discuss things like promotional usage, “aka”¬† Those happy ads and posters you see at all the wedding shows and more. Possible submissions to wedding magazines, and so forth.

But again all anonymous. It’s also a great safety measure taken to protect us and others!

In signing you agree with this, that we, as artists, protect you and thus give us the ability for other brides to see reference of our work we’ve done on another client, in real time, no gimmicks of photoshop.

To then turn around and BREACH Your signed contract by asking the said artist to remove an image that you signed off on, now puts you, the client, in a compromising situation. Both from a vendor client relation as well as possible Legal Action, should the said vendor chose to act on that.

So PLEASE do understand, that ALL Contracts, whether small or large, for money or just “likenesses” is there to protect both sides.¬† Sign them willingly upon understanding them, if not, ask your questions with that vendor so that they may explain information BEFOREHAND!! Not after the fact or down the road, a year later.¬† Thus giving you the ability to understand what you’re reading and take appropriate measures and possibly work out alternate options. After the fact does you no justice as these contracts are legal and can be upheld in a court of law…

How to get your Wedding Published

27 Dec

With so many wedding sites online now, the ability for the average person to become a “Magazine Bride” is becoming more and more available…For those out there interested, this post is for you.

Each year, we encourage all of our brides to submit their professional images. Why not, what do you have to lose, right? Over the years we have had a number of our bridal clients featured on the larger bridal sites as well as featured in various magazines.

Here are a few key points that we have found in order to help establish yourself as a potential real life wedding feature for magazines and websites.

To begin with, speak with your wedding photographer about your interest! As many of the sites and magazines do go through the photographers, they also require permission from the clients in order to a run a story about you and your wedding! This will provide your photographer with a head start on what items they may want to focus on in order to create a wedding “story board” of which potential images may be submitted.

Be original. Take the time to come up with some creative ideas that are unique to you as a couple. Remember that looking through inspiration images is fine, but they have already been done! That is why they have been posted for you to look at…

Many of the¬† places that take wedding submissions also want to see the smaller details of your wedding, plus the couple. This includes everything from detailed shots of your decor and set up, your cake, bridal bouquets, and your getting ready shot all the way to your actual bridal shots/portraits of you and the guest shots. Also think about any personalized and unique detailing you have present at your wedding. Remember that all these items do take time to photograph so it is best to allot a little extra time for your photographer to capture these correctly and in adequate lighting…not at the end of the night!

One of the things that will likely see your submission tossed is inconstancy. This plays a huge part in the overall look that the sites and magazines may be seeking to feature for a particular segment. So make sure your color schemes are consistent and flow throughout the wedding details, and are not sporadic. IRON your linens and covers! This is probably one of the most underestimated area yet can botch a wonderful image/submission immediately because no one will spend the hours needed to edit these blemishes out of a photo.

We always love to see our brides featured so have fun and good luck!

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