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Secrets of the Forest – Bridal Editorial for Perfect Wedding Magazine

1 Aug

It’s Published!

I am super excited to share our long awaited reveal on this shoot.

Our sensual, Bohemian-inspired bridal editorial has finally landed on the glossy pages of the Spring/Summer edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine!

Here are some Favorite shots below and be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video of our Secrets of the Forest bridal editorial.

A big thank you goes out again, to our amazing team on this shoot. Always a pleasure working with friends – Talented, amazing and dedicated local Bridal Vendors.

Enjoy! 🙂


Behind the Scenes Video




Hair Adornments & Accessories: POWDER BLUE BIJOUX

Hair & Make-Up (For all Models):  FELICIA BROMBA


Cakes & Sweets:  MEG NELSON


Set Furnishings & Glassware: MEUSE BOUTIQUE





Cinematography DANIELLE DOBSON



Wedding Tips: Wearing Fresh Flowers in your Hair.

6 Jun

As we head into a busy summer of weddings, the requests for wearing fresh flowers in the hair is looking strong this year!

So today I wanted to take a few minutes to list some quick tips for those looking at wearing real flowers for their big day.

1. Do not spray anything on your Flowers. This includes things like Perfume, Hairsprays, etc. Doing so can cause your flowers to wilt. Be sure to style your Hair, finishing off with your setting spray, THEN Place your fresh flowers into your style last.

2.  If you can, always try and get your florist to make or attach your fresh flowers to a Hairpin for you.

You want to make sure it’s a Hair pin (not bobby pin), large or small size – depending on the flower. Your florist can then wire or tape the flowers stem line along one of the prongs giving the flower both stability, easier pinning, but also to help balance it better to either lay flat as needed or sit up a bit more in relation with your Hairstyle.

 Your florist will also be able to tell you which flower choices will be your best option and the flowers that will last the longest when out of water, under the hot summer sun all day and more.

3. If Doing it yourself, be sure to leave some extra stem to make it easier when attaching to either your pin/clip or into the Hair.

4. Sizing. Choosing the appropriate sizing is key. You want to make sure its balanced, both with the sizing of your Hairstyle, but also your face shape.

Some client’s may opt for one large flower that corresponds with their floral choices, others might do an arrangement of multiple flowers grouped together for the appearance of one large flower or to fill a section of the style. This is also a great idea, for those looking at sneaking in a few different colored flowers, or textures of multiple flower types for added visual interest.

5. To help keep your flowers lasting as long as possible, be sure to leave them in water and/or in a refrigerator up until your last possible option before either leaving and starting into your day.

Here are a few inspiration images for you…. Enjoy! 🙂

Flower in Hair

Images from Bridal Musings

Love yourself – You are Beautiful. True insight to your unique and beautiful self.

1 May

Ok  Ladies…

Today I wanted to post this, as I know many people have now seen this, some might not have…

Love it or Hate it – I hope every single one of you will take a few minutes out to watch this and reflect.

In my industry, I am face to face with women every single day. I see things up close and from a far.

I see SO MUCH beauty and it saddens me greatly when client’s don’t see it too.

In our industry of Makeup and Hair, we aim to enhance, bringing out the inner beauty in each and every single client. We are all different in not only our direct features, but our needs and concerns.

Understanding your vision, I aim to leave client’s feeling confident, radiant and pampered with a look that fits you and your personal style.

With weddings we aim to Transform you into the beautiful bride you always dreamed of being… Beautiful inside and out. No matter what your style is, your age range, your ethnicity. We want you to look and feel the beauty we see looking at you, even before all the Makeup and Hair.

I try to compliment my clients on the beauty I SEE…. but so often they discount it or feel true disbelief. Many client’s will automatically respond, as if out of programming, rebounding the compliment with a comment of an area they hate about themselves.  Often focusing solely on the “negatives” they see, rather than an understating that we are all critical of ourselves, and what we see looking in mirror might not be at all what the person in front of you sees.

Many people assume as though when a beauty provider compliments that we tell everyone the same things because “beauty” is our job. This is simple not true, AT ALL.

I SEE beauty in EVERY client I work on…. I honestly do.

I see the sparkle in your eyes, your beautiful skin, smile, or lovely eyebrows. I notice the beautifully defined wide cheek bones that YOU think makes your face look round.  What you consider that annoying “spot” – I see a perfectly placed beauty mark…

And for the record – FRECKLES are beautiful! please stop trying to cake-face cover them with layers of Foundation 😦

I see everything about you and every single one of you has a unique beauty.

We are not all the same, so don’t compare yourself to someone else or these overly Photoshopped images you see.

All Those things that you think are imperfections are what make you, YOU.

Go ahead and look in the mirror and SEE what I see.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL…. Love yourself, and embrace your individuality!


Wedding Veils – Part 2: Styles, Fabric and more…

20 Dec

Over the years and hundreds of weddings we have done thus far, there is one area that will always hold to the ideals of classic, timeless and elegant….and that’s your Wedding Veil.

Often this is a battle for most brides….something we touched on in our first segment – To wear one or not? Or in many cases we see the family is divided, with the mothers and/or grandmothers saying go for it, while the bride may envision a completely different style.

We get to see all sides of the scale, from the veils, to the jeweled combs, to the statement flowers, bridal hats and more.

Personally, we love veils!!!  After all, it’s the one and only day in your life that you get to wear one, BUT that also doesn’t mean you need to wear it for the whole day! To each their own though, and everyone we see is different.

For those of you out there toying with the idea of wearing one, Here are a few additional areas to consider when looking into a veil for your wedding day.


1. Style options/choices of the veil.

There are SO MANY style options now, the sky is the limit for you!

Whether you want lace, beading, ribbon or pearl details, elaborate or simple designs.

You have half a dozen lengths to chose from as well, and the birdcage veils have been making a huge come back over the past 2 years too! Not to mention the type of fabric and options you have as well.

Look at the overall theme of the wedding as well as your personal style; Are you quirky and fun, is the wedding elegant or a vintage vibe? These type of questions will better help you narrowing in on the type of veil style you may want.

A good example to think about might be; We often see brides that have  elegant and extravagant weddings, or huge cathedral church ceremonies, in which case many we see opt for more longer length and traditional veil styles. Where as on the opposite to that, many of our brides that might be a bit more fun or quirky, doing vintage or retro themes, often we see them opt for birdcage veil styles, beaded headbands or flower pieces.

We also provide services to a lot of ‘alternative’ bridal client’s that forgo most of the conventional ideals, wearing colored dresses, neat ‘theme’ ideas and more. So in cases like this, we rarely see a client in this category donning a full length veil, instead opting for other options such as bridal hats, Large feather accessories with partial veils and so on.


2.  How do you want your WEDDING HAIR to look?  – This is a Big thing to consider, BEFORE you purchase your veil. I cannot stress this enough.


Are you planning on having a summer wedding? Do you have long hair and are you wanting to wear your hair down?

A regular or full veil style might not be the best idea. If you have your heart set on a down hair style you might want to rethink wearing a veil and here’s a few reasons as to why…

Down styles, and half up styles are naturally more “high maintenance” and do often need tending to by the bride throughout her day. They wear and frizz out the fastest, and for those in the summer the combination of the sun highlighting your style can often lead to the “fuzz halo” around your entire head for pictures. Hot outside? =  Sweaty hair. Thus for the sake of the pictures, often a fair amount of spray is required to aid in preventing this…

Every hug from someone will rub across it, it’s exposed to the elements; wind, rain, heat/sweating, now lay a veil over top of it.

Sweating? The moment your scalp becomes warm the veil (fabric) will begin to stick to the hair, which in most cases has been sprayed heavily.

Fast forward a few hours later; combine a warm scalp, the heat from the hair laying on the neck, sweating and add in any sticky product such as hair spray, plus a veil …. take that veil off and what do you get? Frizz!

Veils however will almost always work best with most updo styles and do add that extra touch of classic glam. For more extravagant looks, we have many brides that do opt for Double veils/length choices!


3. Lastly, but also important – The weight of the fabric!

The fabric type you chose with your veil style is something that also needs to be considered.

Most of us know what the “pony-tail” headache feels like….now think about how heavy that fabric is going to feel on your head  5 or more hours into your wedding day, especially those that are heavily embellished or extra long in length.

This is something we see a lot of with many of the cultural weddings we do.

It’s often a very common thing we hear from brides who have chosen a heavier veil but have yet to actually wear it. (Always try it out around the house for a few hours if you can!!!) We  then place the veil on them and we almost always hear… “oh wow, I didn’t realize how heavy this was going to feel on after my hair was done!”  – We’ve seen veils for our client’s that weigh upwards of 20 pounds!!! Adorned with Swarovski crystals, gold threading or other things.

Remember – The heavier the veil you choose –  the more weight your head has to endure throughout the day. Which in many cases can make for a tender scalp by the time you take it off.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing your veil. Again, we let all our client’s know, that no matter what your style choice is, there is ALWAYS many options available to you in order to work it all together for the best possible outcome.

Speak with your Beauty Providers if you are looking into the idea of a veil and they will be able to give you an honest layout of all your best options available.

Got Questions you’d like to see answered, let us know!



Bridal Trials – Just when is the right time to book them?

9 Nov

The million dollar question; When should I book my Bridal trial for Hair and Makeup?

Today I want to spend a few minutes to convey how Trial sessions work, and what you need to know BEFORE you go spending your money on random trial sessions!

Many of the larger bridal hubs provide so much false information to brides on this sole area, that I think it’s high time we broke it all down.

Many brides get engaged and switch into hyper-excited mode, and rightfully so. HOWEVER, This is also 9 times out of 10 their own demise as well when it comes to their details planning…

Yes, many brides are eager to see themselves all done up. BUT, Not only are most not ready or prepared yet, but many also lack any of the ideals needed for their professionals hired, to do their job, and properly.

Here’s a few quick key questions to ask yourself first; Do you have all your wedding attire? Veil? Accessories? Color scheme chosen? Date/Times for the wedding? Have you confirmed number of people for services? Do you have any reference images together yet of what you want to go with for your look?

If you’ve answered no to 2 or more of even these basic questions, then you are not ready to begin your trial sessions yet….Allow me to better explain:

In the case of Bridal trials, Make-up and Hair trials are typically done approx. 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding date once everything is into its final stages and you have all your beauty “details” in place.

Though they can be done sooner, it is typically recommended against by most PROFESSIONAL beauty providers, as if done to early, it can compromise many different areas of the services.

All of these items and details are taken into consideration and worked with when constructing your bridal look. The overall style of your personal needs, but also the wedding itself. It’s for this reason that many beauty providers offer Full service packages, to better accommodate brides without compromising their service integrity as well.

Part one: Time Frame

When is your wedding? If your wedding isn’t until next August, a trial now and in the fall will do no good…6 months early? A year early? You’re wasting your time and money!


Basics will tell you that winter months will wear completely different than a spring/summer month will… How many of us have dry skin in the winter, oilier in the summer? Skin reacts differently, as will the temperatures affect on the Makeup/Hair. Even basics like rain verses sun. You will wear completely differently in 5 degree weather than in the dead heat of August sweating in 35 degree weather on a golf course. Thus in many cases completely different products will also be used, both for Hair and your Makeup.

This is often many brides first step to setting themselves up for False ideals and disappointments as to what you’ll look like, how it will wear and more…

Part 2: Growing your hair out for the wedding?

Most people’s hair can grow upwards of a 1/2 inch per month, some even more than that! So why are you going to do a trial 6-8 months early, then your hair won’t even be close to the length it is now?

Why this may be a problem…

As your hair grows out, this can hinder your hairstyle, and in some peoples cases, make the hairstyles completely obsolete come time of the wedding. Not only will the additional hair length add volume and bulk to the style, but can in fact change the overall appearance of it too.

For those planning down styles or Half up, curls will now wear and fall differently due to the added weight of the extra length. This can also cause hair to not only lose shape but fall out faster to.

For those that plan to overhaul their color; The mere color of your hair will also affect how it will “look” and more importantly, photograph! Ever notice how 90% of the bridal images you find are pictured with BLOND Models? It’s so you can see details, dark hair looks and photographs differently and thus absorbs lighting, fading out any detail work.

Part 3: The Accessories

Your veil, your earrings, the necklace, to the very dress you’re wearing that day… Even your color schemes all play a part in the final step of your wedding look.

Believe it or not, but even the shape of your earrings can change an entire “look” just by the way they shape your face, same goes for a chosen hairstyle.

In the case of brides choosing to wear a veil or statement piece in the hair, often Hairstyles will be styled to accommodate them. Some veils even leaving behind a “kink” in the hair and thus needing to be accommodated for during your styling.

Heavy beading on your dress? The style you chose for hair may actually be compromised now, causing the hair to catch and snag throughout the day on all that beading, willingly creating a frizzy mess and matted hair ends. No amount of photoshop is going to fix that…

When doing your trial, you want to make sure to see everything as a whole look, this is your best way to tell how you like or don’t like something. As a Bride you need to be able to see it as a full package, just as you would on the wedding day and for your photos. The earrings, the veil, the full makeup and Hair.

These are just a few quick examples of how much detail is taken into account for a Brides look and how jumping the gun to soon can hinder your wedding day look. Any professional level artist will tell you that. If as the bride you don’t have anything in place yet that your vendors need, how do you expect them to not only create your look but perform at the highest levels that you are paying them for, when you have them working blind?

Though it’s understandable to be excited, do yourself the favor and spend that extra time to really focus in and gather what you need first, before embarking on random trial sessions for a wedding that is still 9 months or so away and services that you aren’t prepared for just yet.

Booking and securing your choice artist is key, as many book a minimum of 1 year in advance, but holding out your included trial session until you’re ready is also key to the final outcome.

In the end, you’ll find better quality of service from your vendors, but also your wedding pictures and how you look in them. They will always reflect that extra time spent to do it right. When after all, your images are your lasting memory of an amazing day, why leave how you look in them on a bunch of  “what ifs” and “I don’t know yet”…?

Hair Extensions for your Wedding – The good, the bad, the ugly.

1 Jun

*Contributing post by Hairstylist Victoria Kuzma*

I regularly receive emails from women inquiring about hair extensions.  Many of my brides ask if I would do extensions for them, too.  Since we’re entering high wedding season, and many of my brides are going for long, flowing half-updos for their wedding, I’ve decided that it’s time to address this issue.

Guess who….Money can’t by “good” extensions!

Firstly, most women consider extensions when they feel like they cannot grow their hair long enough or thickly enough for their satisfaction.  Today I’m probably going to upset a lot of you when I say that in my experience, the reason you do not have the beautiful hair you wish for is that you are too lazy or cheap to take care of it properly (very few women have actual medical hair and scalp issues compared to the number of women who get extensions).  I will teach you how to do this, after I tell you about extensions…

IF you get extensions, there is a great likelihood that your hair AND scalp will be irreparably damaged and you’ll be even worse off than before you got them.  Above, you see photos of Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham.  They are proof that no matter how many thousands of dollars you spend, fusion extensions still look nasty.  Victoria Beckham still looks like she has a patchy bald spot at the back of her head from her extensions, and I believe it’s been quite a few years since she took them out.

Extensions damage your hair at the scalp level, within the roots before the hair cells in the shaft have ‘died’ and fully keratinized.  It does this in 2 ways that I have seen: by suffocating the scalp and pulling at the roots.  Your scalp needs regular washing and exposure to the air.  Without these simple things, you’re looking at fungal accumulations and dead skin buildup, causing itchiness, foul odor and poor nutrient supply to your roots.  This causes your hair to grow brittle and break off, and scalp issues such as dandruff or folliculitis.  The end result is little bald dots all over your head, spiky little patches of very short broken hair, and thinner, ‘sicker’ hair than ever before.

Did you know that you cannot shampoo your scalp properly with fusion/bonded or track-and-sew?  You can’t put certain shampoos directly on the bonds, and it’s advised to never use conditioner on the bonds either.  Hair must be gently shampooed with a squeezing motion, never scrubbed.  It’s very hard to get a properly clean head using this technique!  I find track-and-sew to be especially gross – the braids are done so tightly to the scalp that you cannot wash underneath.  Trust me when I say it is STINKY to have to style track-and-sew…I no longer shoot with models who have this type of extension.

And finally, extensions are expensive to maintain.  I have heard of prices starting at $200 up to $500 every 4-6 weeks!

The only extensions I endorse are the clip-ins.  They cost only $100-$200 and can last for years if properly cared for, plus you can cut, colour and style them to match your own hair (if the right colours are not available).  I recommend Lord and Cliff 7-piece sets, available in Vancouver at Abantu.  Clip-ins are very easy to put in by yourself!  If unsure, watch a Youtube how-to video :)

SO!  How do you take care of your hair so that it grows long and healthy?  Well, start from within.  Proper nutrition is essential to healthy hair, so I suggest seeing a professional if you are truly unsure of how to feed yourself.  Regular trims are a must when growing your hair, because split ends can fray and break right on up the hair shaft if left too long.  Do you find your hair doesn’t grow past your shoulders?  That’s breakage!  Get a mini-trim every 4 weeks – your hair grows about 1/2 inch in that time, so go get a dry cut to ensure the minimum is taken (wet hair stretches).  And do not get any razor cutting – razoring scrapes and splits the cuticle, resulting in intensely damaged hair.

Stop over-styling your hair.  I advise everyone to work with their natural texture anyway, so go get a texturizing wash-and-wear haircut, and put the blow-dryer and flatiron away.  It will take a few months for your texture to normalize after all that styling, so do regular treatments and be patient.  I prefer Redken CAT treatment because the enzymes only work for 5 minutes, so it’s quick and easy.  You can even stack treatments one after the other without rinsing, up to 3 times.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the right products!  Spend the extra money on a decent shampoo and conditioner.  It’s so much cheaper than extensions!  I prefer PureOlogy Hydrate duo for thick hair and Rene Furterer Tonucia duo for thin hair.  Tonucia should not be used longer than 6 months at a time due to the protein content.  Too much protein will damage your hair, so switch to something like PureOlogy Volume for a while until ready for Tonucia again.

The best leave-in product for all hair types is BC Bonacure Sealed Ends, because you need only a teensy bit for maximum benefit.  If your hair is extra dry, you can touch up with it during the day on dry hair.  I love this product so much that I’ll probably write a big article about it, so stay tuned.

And finally, go easy on the highlighting.  It would be beneficial to start colouring your hair even one level darker by doing lowlights or an all-over application.  This will ‘heal’ your hair because salon colours often have intensive protein molecules which hold the pigment in the hair and seal the cuticle so it doesn’t wash out.

Let’s say you really feel it’s too ‘expensive’ to do what I’ve said.  Here is some math for you:

-PureOlogy Hydrate shampoo 1L and conditioner 1L combo, $75 at Zennkai, lasts a year on LONG hair, 1 year and 6 months on short hair

-Regular trims, 1x per month at $40 each (my pricing) $480

-Redken CAT, about $20 at Zennkai, lasts about 1 year if you do biweekly treatments on your ends only (not your whole head, it’s unnecessary)

-BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends, about $15

TOTAL $590 for a year of natural care, which is around what you spend in 6 months on extensions and upkeep, without products or haircuts. You could even splurge and get some $200 clip-ins and still be saving money!

By the way, cheap extensions are a bad idea and will only make everything much worse than I’ve already described.  Be warned!!  I have seen horrible botched gluing jobs with big nasty crusts of glue on the scalp that won’t come off…just don’t do it.

Amp your Hair up with Vinegar!

9 Apr

Apple Cider vinegar is a natural way to boost your hairs shine and helps breakdown the buildup caused by shampoos, conditioners and other hair products.

It has a naturally high acid balance which makes it an excellent cleaning agent as well. It helps to restore the hair by breaking down films left over from hair products,  it combats sebum oils and helps bring dull hair back to a shine!

There are many different mixtures you can try out like; Mix one part vinegar with approximately four parts water and soak the hair. Leave on for 15 minutes, allowing the vinegar to penetrate down towards the scalp and roots, rinse away, then wash your hair normally.

Other mixtures can include the combinations of baking soda to Sage oils and other oils for a more pleasant scent.

Remember it is still acidic, so use in moderation as to not dry out the hair…

Vinegar can also be used for at home treatments to help with dandruff and Acne problems too!

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