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Don’t let a skin condition ruin your big day!

28 Aug

For those of you out there suffering from any sort of skin condition or pigmentation issues this post will likely hit home for you and I encourage you to read it through. For those of you that might not be primarily suffering  from any skin condition per-say but do feel they have a need for other forms of coverage be that for “dark circles” and so on, this too is a post for you!

Your wedding day is a day when all eyes are on you, a day filled with many pictures and lasting memories…

For those that suffer from such things as  medical level  Acne, Rosacea, Facial Psoriasis, Melasma and other forms of skin conditions the thought of this can often be over whelming and the internal battle with ones self-esteem can be exhausting.

We are ALL critical of ourselves when looking into the mirror, as we will often narrow into what we feel are our ‘flaws’. I tell clients time and time again that it is NEVER as bad as they often think it is and prove this over and over; particularly with clients concerned with ‘dark circles’ as that is often a minor and very simple ‘fix’ over another client who may be suffering from a medical grade condition and/or a more visible and disruptive condition.

I often get emails asking; “Can you cover_____?” this includes many things from Acne, Rosecea and more and the answer is YES.

A properly trained professional has both the knowledge and training to cover many problems that may arise but also the professional level products to do so.

Every year I come across many individuals seeking a coverage application for their conditions. I want my client’s to feel confident in their own skin, the best possible you for your big day!

A visual demonstration of my make-up application skills is posted below for your viewing.

This is a Bridal client of mine. This particular client suffered from body Psoriasis, including about 60% of her face, at the time of services. Having seen some of my work on past client’s with skin conditions, she was very excited and hopeful that I would be able to help make her into the glowing bride she wished to be for her big day. Even trickier yet, This client was also unable to take any medications to help control her psoriasis, so everything I did for this client’s treatments leading up to the wedding were 100% all-natural using ingredients found in most of our own homes!!

Left Image: The client’s “Before” image was taken after a light buffing and treatment of the facial plagues to remove excess buildup on top of the skin before the make-up application.

Right image: The Clients “After” images shows just what the right type of cosmetic products and technical applications of them can achieve.

These images are taken by me on a simple “point and shoot” style camera, no lights, no gimmicks and nothing fancy, just straight off my camera. No Photoshop.

As you can see just about anything is possible with make-up and a professional Make-up Artist at your side, so whether you suffer from Facial Psoriasis like the client above, acne or just some dark circles, be sure to seek help and answers from those trained in this form of coverage for your big day!

***A big thank you needs to be shouted to this AMAZING client for allowing me to post this to my client’s!

For more information on my Bridal Services offered, please visit my site at:

Hair removal: Pre-Wedding tips

16 Jan

Ok, so it’s not a big secret that most brides like to clean everything up for the wedding day, the brows, the legs and that list goes on. So here are some quick tips when it comes to waxing and threading for the big day.

Remember your brows frame your face and those beautifully done eyes… bushy brows are no one’s friend and can also hinder makeup application if they are too out of control!

If you prefer waxing:

1) First and for most, for ANY Facial hair work done….7 days before the wedding day is generally recommended. Maybe 5 days, but no closer than that!!!

Tweeze any strays that appear.

If something goes wrong you want to have a little “grow back” time and for things to calm itself. Some develop little ingrown hairs, redness, etc.

Also  understanding that waxing does mess with your skin and can cause redness and irritation – for those with fair skin types more so, in some cases staying red for upwards of 2-3 days!

2) DO NOT go to someone unfamiliar. Time and time again we see undesired results  from clients that take this route out of either laziness because they left it till last minute, or trying to say a buck or two. Plan ahead, one bad job and It can often take WEEKS To start growing back those hairs. Try out that new shop another time, because you have no idea what you might be walking into and at the end of the day, it’s not worth that few dollars you were trying to save.

3) DO NOT Let them talk you into waxing areas you haven’t done before. Now is not the time to experiment with a mustache  clean up or sideburn  removal. If this is your end plan for the big day, get it done months before to test it out first!

I can’t tell you how many bridesmaids, Brides etc. we see each season with hot wax burns to their face, torn upper lips or scabbed up sideburns. Not pretty.

Remember all those fine hairs is what your makeup sticks to, they are in fact needed!!! Waxing takes off ALL the hair in an areas done, not just the dark ones you want to get rid of. Makeup DOES NOT stick to freshly waxed skin!!!

That makeup halo you now have around your brows from a fresh wax strip, or uneven eye shadow line underneath is far more distracting than a few stray hairs you’re being sensitive about.

 For those that prefer Threading:

1) Some people think it hurts.

Personally I find it far easier, less painful and less damaging than waxing, hands down. I mean you are removing hair from the roots, but it’s often far faster and less painful than having a hot wax applied and skin/hair ripped from your face…I can often be in and out in less than 5 minutes with threading!

2) There are a lot less side effects and negatives  to threading than waxing. Less chance of any “mishaps” as well.

3) If you’ve never had it done, again, be sure to try it out first, long before the wedding day. Don’t leave it last minute.

 For those that Tweeze:

1) No “new” shapes, stick with your natural shaping. For those that prefer a more natural shaping, just remove strays from under the arch to clean up the area.

2) Keep up maintenance leading up to the wedding. If you chose to tweeze the day of, be sure to do it first thing allowing for any redness to subside before you start your day and head down that aisle.

3) Removing the stray hairs from above the arch will give you a cleaner shape. Remember to taper the ends a bit, starting from the arch outwards.

For those that Shave:

Yes, people still do shave their Eyebrows… Please put down the razor blade!! Those who shave eyebrows generally shave them until there’s only a thin line left. The hair begins to grow back after 3 days and starts to look like a Hot-mess, so why go through that hassle when the results don’t last? With waxing,  threading or Tweezing  you can make appointments 2 – 4 weeks apart in most cases.


At the end of the day, your Make-up artist can work magic with the rest and help with any pre-wedding mishaps. We can fill in, reshape and more, you’d be surprised what we can do 😉

Be sure to do your hair maintenance first thing, Get this all out of the way before sitting in your makeup artist’s chair.  A random hair here or there is fine, but don’t come expecting a full reshaping job.

As for the rest of your body and any other “work” needed to it, a good visit to your favorite spa and you should be good to go come the wedding day!

Lightening Age Spots

9 Mar

This question came in to us from one of our lovely Mother of the Brides. She was concerned with a few age spots on her hands and shoulder area and asked us for a few tips on possibly covering and/or lightening them to reduce their appearance and presence in her daughters Bridal photos.

Here are a few quick and easy at-home tips you can try out, that for many help to reduce the tones and lighten age spots:

To lighten age spots and sun-damaged skin you can mix the juice of 1 lemon, 1 lime,  approx. 2 tablespoons of honey and around 2 ounces of plain yogurt.

Gently massage mixture on to each spot.  Or you can coat the area and leave sit for about 30 minutes, then wash it off. Use at least once or twice a week. Gradually most individuals will see an improvement as these items have a natural bleaching effect to them.

Another option is that of  a onion juice and apple cider vinegar mixture. Castor oil has also shown to improve the appearance of age spots.

Good luck!

Streaky Tan?

8 Mar

So you wanted that sun kissed glow, but your self-tan didn’t turn out that way?

If you find yourself a little blotchy or streaky after applying a coat of self tanner or returning from a spray tan application, here are some quick fixes…

Baking soda:

Put some baking soda on a wash cloth or loofah, and gentle buff away the stripes using a circular motion.


Lemons or lemon juice also works well for ridding yourself of blotchy patches and/or streaks left from self tanners. You can also add a little sugar with it to create an exfoliate scrub.

Witch hazel:

Witch hazel can also remove self tanner by helping to lighten the skin up a bit.  Pour some onto a cotton ball and dab or rub the cotton ball onto the area(s) needed. Witch hazel is very inexpensive and can be purchased at any drugstore!

Remember, streaky-ness  is primarily caused by uneven application and dry or rough areas on the body… So be sure to exfoliate all areas well where you plan to add that glow!

The way you sleep = Fine lines!

15 Feb

Here’s a quick fact for today for those of you that sleep on your stomach.

It has been jokingly said by many famous Hollywood starlets dating as far back as the early 1900’s, that lying on your stomach to sleep at night is bad for a ladies “beauty sleep.”

They were right!

The average human head weighs  approximate 7 to 8 pounds… That is a lot of pressure to be putting on your face every night, day after day, for an average of 7 hours or more.

So much in fact, many dermatologists say they can actually tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles that are present on the face.

Just something to think about before you head to bed tonight!

Myth Busters: Sunscreen

9 Dec

“Why do I need Sunscreen in the winter time or when it’s cloudy outside?”

Believe it or not UV Rays are actually just as present when it’s cloudy out as they are on a hot summers day!

Though we may not feel the standard “burn,” it does still damage our skin significantly.

According to the Academy of Dermatology, almost one in five is expected to develop some type of skin cancer in his or her lifetime.

Clouds can be quite deceptive in many people’s ideas and perceptions because many feel that they block the infrared rays because they can’t feel that warmth. Depending on the cloud cover, yes, some of the rays are blocked and bounced back, but on just an average cloudy day they still only shut out about 20 percent of the ultraviolet rays that cause you to burn.

Sun exposure can lead to many things from the standard skin burn of course, but also the long term effects such as pre-mature aging and skin problems such as Melanoma.

Personally speaking I have seen many friends now my own age and even in their early 20’s have cancerous spots removed with some “results” of these spots not playing out how most of us would hope for in such a situation.

Many of them avid tanning bed users or sun-fanatics during the summer months. Though what many do not realize is that most of our “damage” from the sun is done when we are younger, but by continuing into our adult years, we openly add to this and break down the skin even further setting ourselves up to possibly develop cancer.

Though I openly admit I too was a “chronic” tanner for most of my teen years, I no longer “tan.”  If I feel the need for a little “glow,” I rely mainly on make-up and self-tanning products instead.

Watching friends of mine deal with skin cancers really does wake you up to the realities of improper skincare, which is now why I’m quite the advocate with my services and the use of skin protection.

No one wants to go through it and they hope it won’t happen to them, but you never know!

So do your skin that little favor and use some sunscreen as part of your daily beauty regime.

With many different options available in your beauty products from SPF Foundations, tinted moisturizers, Primers and more… buying a multi product containing protectors in it is both a smart choice and can actually save your life!

Udder-ly Amazing!

28 Nov

With winter now here and the colder weather upon us I wanted to talk a little about this product and its use for dry and chapped skin.

I’ve had a few of our “winter brides” express concern over their drying skin for their up and coming weddings… as it can show in your photos!!

For this very reason we ALWAYS recommend a full body moisturize just before the big day, paying special attention to your feet…for those lovely “shoe shots” but also areas like the chest, shoulder and elbows.

For those suffering from extreme dryness, I thought I would give a little love to an amazing product called “Udderly smooth” and another product “Bag Balm

Originally developed for use on dairy cows during the harsh winter months it is now used by many people for their dry and chapped skin. It can be used as an everyday multipurpose moisturizing lotion.

These are AMAZING products and I absolutely love them!

Some know about them, others may not, so with my own skin starting to get a little dry in this weather and my constant use of them, I thought I would do a quick post to let others in on these amazing products should they not already know about them…

Other Moisturizing products I love:



Gold Bond


For those needing a little “extra” moisturizing; Place a healthy coat on hands and/or feet before bed. Place hands into cotton gloves to help lock elements out and let your skin absorb what it seeks from the product, same goes for your feet by placing a pair of socks over top while you sleep.

Those with young children suffering from Diaper rash, Udderly Smooth and Bag Balm are often recommended!!!

Other uses of these products are quite vast from treatments for Sunburns, eczema, psoriasis, burns and much more.

Here are the links below to the websites so you can check them out for yourself!

Bag Balm:

Udderly Smooth:

Do you use these products to?  Would love to hear about it…Post a comment below and share with others! 🙂

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