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Wedding Veils – Part 2: Styles, Fabric and more…

20 Dec

Over the years and hundreds of weddings we have done thus far, there is one area that will always hold to the ideals of classic, timeless and elegant….and that’s your Wedding Veil.

Often this is a battle for most brides….something we touched on in our first segment – To wear one or not? Or in many cases we see the family is divided, with the mothers and/or grandmothers saying go for it, while the bride may envision a completely different style.

We get to see all sides of the scale, from the veils, to the jeweled combs, to the statement flowers, bridal hats and more.

Personally, we love veils!!!  After all, it’s the one and only day in your life that you get to wear one, BUT that also doesn’t mean you need to wear it for the whole day! To each their own though, and everyone we see is different.

For those of you out there toying with the idea of wearing one, Here are a few additional areas to consider when looking into a veil for your wedding day.


1. Style options/choices of the veil.

There are SO MANY style options now, the sky is the limit for you!

Whether you want lace, beading, ribbon or pearl details, elaborate or simple designs.

You have half a dozen lengths to chose from as well, and the birdcage veils have been making a huge come back over the past 2 years too! Not to mention the type of fabric and options you have as well.

Look at the overall theme of the wedding as well as your personal style; Are you quirky and fun, is the wedding elegant or a vintage vibe? These type of questions will better help you narrowing in on the type of veil style you may want.

A good example to think about might be; We often see brides that have  elegant and extravagant weddings, or huge cathedral church ceremonies, in which case many we see opt for more longer length and traditional veil styles. Where as on the opposite to that, many of our brides that might be a bit more fun or quirky, doing vintage or retro themes, often we see them opt for birdcage veil styles, beaded headbands or flower pieces.

We also provide services to a lot of ‘alternative’ bridal client’s that forgo most of the conventional ideals, wearing colored dresses, neat ‘theme’ ideas and more. So in cases like this, we rarely see a client in this category donning a full length veil, instead opting for other options such as bridal hats, Large feather accessories with partial veils and so on.


2.  How do you want your WEDDING HAIR to look?  – This is a Big thing to consider, BEFORE you purchase your veil. I cannot stress this enough.


Are you planning on having a summer wedding? Do you have long hair and are you wanting to wear your hair down?

A regular or full veil style might not be the best idea. If you have your heart set on a down hair style you might want to rethink wearing a veil and here’s a few reasons as to why…

Down styles, and half up styles are naturally more “high maintenance” and do often need tending to by the bride throughout her day. They wear and frizz out the fastest, and for those in the summer the combination of the sun highlighting your style can often lead to the “fuzz halo” around your entire head for pictures. Hot outside? =  Sweaty hair. Thus for the sake of the pictures, often a fair amount of spray is required to aid in preventing this…

Every hug from someone will rub across it, it’s exposed to the elements; wind, rain, heat/sweating, now lay a veil over top of it.

Sweating? The moment your scalp becomes warm the veil (fabric) will begin to stick to the hair, which in most cases has been sprayed heavily.

Fast forward a few hours later; combine a warm scalp, the heat from the hair laying on the neck, sweating and add in any sticky product such as hair spray, plus a veil …. take that veil off and what do you get? Frizz!

Veils however will almost always work best with most updo styles and do add that extra touch of classic glam. For more extravagant looks, we have many brides that do opt for Double veils/length choices!


3. Lastly, but also important – The weight of the fabric!

The fabric type you chose with your veil style is something that also needs to be considered.

Most of us know what the “pony-tail” headache feels like….now think about how heavy that fabric is going to feel on your head  5 or more hours into your wedding day, especially those that are heavily embellished or extra long in length.

This is something we see a lot of with many of the cultural weddings we do.

It’s often a very common thing we hear from brides who have chosen a heavier veil but have yet to actually wear it. (Always try it out around the house for a few hours if you can!!!) We  then place the veil on them and we almost always hear… “oh wow, I didn’t realize how heavy this was going to feel on after my hair was done!”  – We’ve seen veils for our client’s that weigh upwards of 20 pounds!!! Adorned with Swarovski crystals, gold threading or other things.

Remember – The heavier the veil you choose –  the more weight your head has to endure throughout the day. Which in many cases can make for a tender scalp by the time you take it off.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing your veil. Again, we let all our client’s know, that no matter what your style choice is, there is ALWAYS many options available to you in order to work it all together for the best possible outcome.

Speak with your Beauty Providers if you are looking into the idea of a veil and they will be able to give you an honest layout of all your best options available.

Got Questions you’d like to see answered, let us know!



Veil or No Veil?

22 Oct

*A contributing post by lead Hairstylist Victoria Kuzma.

Now everyone knows that the traditional Western veil and its antiquated meaning no longer applies to brides nowadays.  I know that feminism has done much for society, but to me its best contribution to this industry is a bride’s free choice to look however she wants on HER day.  So please give some serious thought to wearing a veil with your white dress!  I tell all my brides to at least try on some veils and take photos of reference.  Your wedding is the only time (other than confirmation for Catholics I think) that you’ll get to wear a veil.

I like to see a bride really stand out from the bridesmaids, so I prefer a veil.  But you don’t need to use the traditional kind if you don’t want to!  There are tons of fresh and modern options: birdcage veils, hats and headpieces are making a dramatic comeback and it can be really sheik and sexy.  You can buy them with coloured accents like feathers, lace trim or jewels.  Think Gwen Stefani or Katy Perry…or even Lady Gaga, because I have brides that wear those styles too!

The other thing is that you don’t need to cover your face or head if you prefer to break tradition.  You can wear a low, messy bundle of curls at your nape, and pin the veil right underneath.  This helps to keep the hairstyle from fuzzing out due to friction on your neck.

My most favourite veil ever was a colossal full length Spanish mantilla made by the bride herself and decorated with crystals and lace.  She wore it from the centre downward so it covered her from the front of her toes to the back of her train.  So romantic!!

I have even had brides wearing multiple veils!  This gives a rich and extravagant look.

If you really hate veils, I still suggest putting something in your hair to complete your look!  Many brides are choosing to wear jewelled clips from Swarovski or Mimosa, or handmade feathered pieces.

Many Brides now opt for a “reception changeover” because they don’t want the veil in all day.  They’ve taken out the veil and replaced it with the jewelled clip, hat or feathers.  This is a great option because usually I create a spot in the hairstyle for the veil to sit, and when you take it out there can be a divot or kink in the hair.  Clipping in a new accessory makes you still feel ‘done up’ and pretty without the veil.  Plain hairstyles are typically for the bridesmaids!

Flowers are always excellent hair decorations as well!  I have added everything to my hairstyles, from a single big flower to wire strings made up of many tiny flowers laced in with the curls.  When you order your flowers from the florist, give them a few U-shaped hairpins so they can attach the flowers to them using florist tape.  That way they’re guaranteed not to wilt or fall out.

Any veil conundrums?  Don’t know what veil to wear with your chosen hairstyle?  Contact me at and I will help you.

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