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Don’t let a skin condition ruin your big day!

28 Aug

For those of you out there suffering from any sort of skin condition or pigmentation issues this post will likely hit home for you and I encourage you to read it through. For those of you that might not be primarily suffering  from any skin condition per-say but do feel they have a need for other forms of coverage be that for “dark circles” and so on, this too is a post for you!

Your wedding day is a day when all eyes are on you, a day filled with many pictures and lasting memories…

For those that suffer from such things as  medical level  Acne, Rosacea, Facial Psoriasis, Melasma and other forms of skin conditions the thought of this can often be over whelming and the internal battle with ones self-esteem can be exhausting.

We are ALL critical of ourselves when looking into the mirror, as we will often narrow into what we feel are our ‘flaws’. I tell clients time and time again that it is NEVER as bad as they often think it is and prove this over and over; particularly with clients concerned with ‘dark circles’ as that is often a minor and very simple ‘fix’ over another client who may be suffering from a medical grade condition and/or a more visible and disruptive condition.

I often get emails asking; “Can you cover_____?” this includes many things from Acne, Rosecea and more and the answer is YES.

A properly trained professional has both the knowledge and training to cover many problems that may arise but also the professional level products to do so.

Every year I come across many individuals seeking a coverage application for their conditions. I want my client’s to feel confident in their own skin, the best possible you for your big day!

A visual demonstration of my make-up application skills is posted below for your viewing.

This is a Bridal client of mine. This particular client suffered from body Psoriasis, including about 60% of her face, at the time of services. Having seen some of my work on past client’s with skin conditions, she was very excited and hopeful that I would be able to help make her into the glowing bride she wished to be for her big day. Even trickier yet, This client was also unable to take any medications to help control her psoriasis, so everything I did for this client’s treatments leading up to the wedding were 100% all-natural using ingredients found in most of our own homes!!

Left Image: The client’s “Before” image was taken after a light buffing and treatment of the facial plagues to remove excess buildup on top of the skin before the make-up application.

Right image: The Clients “After” images shows just what the right type of cosmetic products and technical applications of them can achieve.

These images are taken by me on a simple “point and shoot” style camera, no lights, no gimmicks and nothing fancy, just straight off my camera. No Photoshop.

As you can see just about anything is possible with make-up and a professional Make-up Artist at your side, so whether you suffer from Facial Psoriasis like the client above, acne or just some dark circles, be sure to seek help and answers from those trained in this form of coverage for your big day!

***A big thank you needs to be shouted to this AMAZING client for allowing me to post this to my client’s!

For more information on my Bridal Services offered, please visit my site at: www.brides-by-felicia.com


Myth Busters: Make-up and Bedtime

22 Nov

“I heard that sleeping with your make-up on isn’t actually as bad as people tell you it is…I forget all the time!”


One of the best pieces of advice many of us ladies have been told since we started wearing make-up was “wash your face before bed”

Statistics actually show that you can age up to seven times more and at a faster rate if you go to bed each night with makeup on!

During your sleep, the left over particles of makeup not only trap into pores and can cause skin irritation and un-necessary break-outs, It also tugs and tears at the skin, breaking it down faster and leaving you prone to pre-mature aging, especially around the eyes!

Even worse yet is not removing your mascara and eyeliners, as this leaves lash mites and other bacterias, HARDENED onto the areas and can cause both infection and micro damaging to the eyes!

While sleeping particles can break off into small fragments and become logged in the eye while sleeping.  Not removing your mascara can also cause your lashes to become brittle, break off and fall out easier!

By not removing your mascara at night it now leaves your eyes open to possible infections and general irritations. Worse yet, it can lead to slight micro tears to the eye from leftover hardened bits of your mascara that get trapped in and around the area while you sleep, which can have very damaging effects and even lead to blindness!

So do your face the favor and remove ALL Make-up before heading to bed. Your skin will thank you for it later…

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