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Body Bling for your Wedding day!

30 Mar

With this bridal trend gaining some serious momentum as of late, I wanted to take a few minutes out today to give a little feature love to this neat and creative concept.

Basically it exactly what it sounds like; Body Bling.

Taking the traditional henna design application one step further with glitter applications that can even be embellished with crystals and tiny jewels. From smaller accent designs or in place of necklaces and bracelets, your options are virtually limitless.

A great option for those that might want a little extra “show” but still want to keep things elegant for their big day.

From simple designs to larger more elaborate styles, these glittery designs can be seen gracing areas such as; across the back, arms and hands, shoulders and right below the collarbone…We’ve even seen a few done as dainty “anklets” on the Bridesmaids!

So here’s to pretty and glittery fun, cause for those of you that know, I’m a sucker for sparkly things 😉


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