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The “natural” Bridal makeup.

22 Nov

Today we start the winter blogging with a bang 😉

I wanted to take a few minutes this afternoon to dispel a few myths I’ve seen and heard floating about for those client’s that are thinking about that “natural” looking Make-up application for their wedding day…

There is often a huge misconception,  that brides who want a natural looking makeup for their wedding day should have it cost far less than say a bride who would like a more dramatic wedding day makeup look.

This is something, many of us Bridal Beauty vendors seem to hear a lot of, or see posted in the bridal forums, from brides who aren’t aware of what’s involved in a basic natural bridal makeup look. Many assume because the look isn’t heavily applied, or using “darker” color schemes that it must be easy to achieve and that “less” makeup is used.

The reality; Wrong!

A “natural looking” makeup application, is a skill set all in itself, that unfortunately many artists may not possess. There are artists out there that spend YEARS Perfecting this particular application technique!

It’s often far more time consuming to achieve, AND uses the same amount of product, if not more in some cases! The products used are often the same, and overall they still cost the same to purchase and use.

The more natural looking an application is, the more attention is need to the finer details.

It’s more so now about perfecting the look of the skin as a main focal point, with extra attention paid to sculpting the features of the face with contour and highlight so it doesn’t fall flat for pictures.

Then into any adjustments to further camouflage areas you don’t want to see, dark circles, blemishes, etc. and ensuring the right tones are used.

Extra attention will also be turned to the brows, to help sculpt them in to frame the face, filling in any sparse areas for a balanced yet natural looking brow.

The softer looking a makeup style is, the more focal point areas there is for someone to view, over say someone who might opt for a bolder smoky eye style to draw direct attention right the eye area as a main focus and/or away from any problematic or areas of concern.

A secondary thing to understand is now the photos itself and how it translates…

You can often lose about a 1/3 of what you see looking in the mirror when it’s then translated in your photos. Those bride’s with set-ups that are outdoors under the glare of the sun can fade out even more in some cases!

It’s about knowing where and how to place the makeup on the face to give a beautiful natural look.

Yes, of course you want to look naturally beautiful in person but let’s not forget the thousands of dollars you’re spending on photography for your wedding day too. At the end of it all, this is the only thing you get back and what becomes your last memory of the big day. You want to make sure you’re looking your very best!

Often that soft look you see in photos, is far darker and more involved when face to face, Your hired artist, will blend both areas to accommodate what not only fits your needs and ideals, but what will photograph beautifully too.

It’s not simply about putting less makeup on your face; Naturally with the same amount of time spent during application, products being used, etc. this is why you won’t find huge price differences, as often its far more intensive.

So remember at your bridal makeup trial when you ask your makeup artist for a “natural look”, be clear on your direction with reference images and know just what’s involved to get you looking naturally fresh and beautiful with that “no makeup” style look!

For examples of all makeup styles, visit us online: www.brides-by-felicia.com
…or follow along with us on Pinterest as we showcase all sorts of fabulous bridal details from Hair and Makeup images, to Decor/Details, Floral, Cakes and more!


Lift those Breasts up!

11 Mar

This post is for the ladies who are seeking a little extra lift in their dresses 😉

Through a very funny conversation at one of our bridal sessions this past month, I found out about this product and just had to share…

It’s called the Bra Stick -Instant Breast lift.

Not to be confused with the many other breast products out there from the “cutlets” to the “Stick on” cutlet style bras… These are just plain old stickers, and boy do they work!

I’ll spare you the details, as they have a diagram and a video on the website, and I’ll post the site link below.

But WOW. I saw these little stickers in action on a few ladies whose bridesmaids dresses didn’t quite negate a strapless or cross over bra style due to the cut of the dress…3 of the girls had searched online to find some form of “option” available and came across this product. They shared with us this amazing little product info and now it’s my turn to share it with you!

Check it out for yourself.


The way you sleep = Fine lines!

15 Feb

Here’s a quick fact for today for those of you that sleep on your stomach.

It has been jokingly said by many famous Hollywood starlets dating as far back as the early 1900’s, that lying on your stomach to sleep at night is bad for a ladies “beauty sleep.”

They were right!

The average human head weighs  approximate 7 to 8 pounds… That is a lot of pressure to be putting on your face every night, day after day, for an average of 7 hours or more.

So much in fact, many dermatologists say they can actually tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles that are present on the face.

Just something to think about before you head to bed tonight!

Yogurt and Curling irons?

30 Jan

Yes, you read that correctly. This post goes out to all the ladies who have ever burnt themselves with their  curling iron or flat iron while trying to achieve those pristine curls for that night out!

If in case you do accidentally burn your forehead (or other areas) when using a curling iron/flat iron,  next time slather some plain yogurt on the wound!

Studies have shown that the coolness of the yogurt will help with any potential swelling of the area burned and will also help to reduce the redness. It can even speed the healing process by combating any excess bacteria’s present.

Cellulite – The Enemy

27 Nov

Sadly, there is no “cure” for cellulite BUT you can reduce the appearance of it on your body!

Still one of my all time favorite options and cost saving techniques I recommend to clients is the classic use of Coffee Grinds. With so many different uses for the skin, cellulite treatment and more, I thought I’d write a little something about it as cellulite reducing is still one of our highest ranked areas of questions from our beauty clients.

Cellulite is associated with the number and thickness of bands of connective tissue in the deeper layers of the skin. Also influenced by of course our family and genetic make up but also more general things like our foods we eat, our age/hormones and exercise habits.

With so many factors to weigh in on it’s nice to be able to do what we can to provide at least a temporary cellulite remedy for ourselves! The use of coffee grinds for cellulite reduction is as good as any other and its cost effective… even models and celebrities use coffee grinds for cellulite treatments.

The most important thing to realize and understand is that it’s not a cure, cellulite does not just disappear over night and to use any body treatment methods with realistic expectations of its results.

While in the shower, you can rub coffee grounds on troubled cellulite spots for a few minutes every day or just a few times a week. Coffee is a stimulant and helps breaks down fat deposits when rubbed on those areas…

You can also rub fresh un-brewed coffee grounds all over your most apparent areas on the body then wrap in saran wrap. This is an old-school beauty pageant trick that had been used for many years!

Find a warm place to sit for around 30 minutes and try to stay as warm as possible. Put on sweat suit, sit in a sauna, or stay in the bathroom with the door closed to keep the heat in. Run the shower as hot as possible to steam up the bathroom, etc.  This is great for areas like the tummy, legs,  arms and hip areas.

Other helpful wedding day uses of your left over Coffee grinds is that you can use your left over grinds to make Homemade Body Scrub for smoother skin!


Approx.  a cup of fresh coffee grinds – approx. 1/2 cup of  brown sugar, a tablespoon of Vanilla Extract and a little bit of oil (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil…all work out the same and smell nice too)

Mix together and put into a little container. If the mixture looks a little crumbly and/or dry, add a little more oil to make it  into a more paste/mask style consistency. Using a Body puff or your hand, rub all over the body in shower then rinse away. This mixture will typically keep for a few weeks or even longer since oil is a natural preservative, this will prevent the coffee from molding.

Sounds silly, but people have been using these methods for many years now, even high end salons for beauty treatments combine many of these methods and ingredients!

So give it a try, what do you have to lose right? 🙂

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