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Lift those Breasts up!

11 Mar

This post is for the ladies who are seeking a little extra lift in their dresses 😉

Through a very funny conversation at one of our bridal sessions this past month, I found out about this product and just had to share…

It’s called the Bra Stick -Instant Breast lift.

Not to be confused with the many other breast products out there from the “cutlets” to the “Stick on” cutlet style bras… These are just plain old stickers, and boy do they work!

I’ll spare you the details, as they have a diagram and a video on the website, and I’ll post the site link below.

But WOW. I saw these little stickers in action on a few ladies whose bridesmaids dresses didn’t quite negate a strapless or cross over bra style due to the cut of the dress…3 of the girls had searched online to find some form of “option” available and came across this product. They shared with us this amazing little product info and now it’s my turn to share it with you!

Check it out for yourself.


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