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Sweaty Breasts?! *Product Spotlight*

23 Jul

Did I get your attention???  Fantastic!

Because today’s post is all about some fancy little products and items that I think everyone should know about. Today we’re tackling the sweaty breasts, the dress chaffing, “tropical” heat moments of the Mothers of the bride and groom’s and more, and for those that might need a little more than a powder and antiperspirant.

The summer is now here and in full effect. With the temperatures outside rising, it is no big secret that some brides are often left sweating out in the heat on their big days, and of course the men too under their suits and tuxes.

Let’s face it, those dresses are often huge and hot. Yards and pounds worth of heavy fabrics and tulle. Throw in the fitted and bustier style upper portions, with boning, lacing and more. You got yourself a smorgasbord of stuff going on. Now add in some 35+ degree weather and high humidity, you have one uncomfortable situation!

So  today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite product out there, that help a lady out (and guys!!)  that we always recommend to our Brides each and every year.

Whether it’s preventing the tummy and chest sweating, the un-mentioned breast sweating, to the chaffing and heat problems that can sometimes occur with the wedding gowns…

Below  are some awesome items I want to share with you:

Fresh Breast Lotion

Fresh Breast Lotion

1.  “B” Fresh Breast Lotion

We LOVE This product, and it’s pretty easy to get to, which we always love. Available online or at your many local Drugstore locations  (Often in the deodorant/antiperspirant aisle) Just look for the little pink tube.

It’s a light weight lotion that can be applied wherever it’s needed from chest and tummy to inner thighs, drying to a powder like finish, It helps prevent sweating and chaffing.

As an added bonus, they even have a gentlemen’s version too, called Fresh Balls…Yes you read that right. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the rest 😉

Bust Dust

Bust Dust

2. Kilma Health Solutions – Bust Dust

Another fantastic product that helps reduce sweating/Chaffing. Be sure to check out their entire line of products for just about anything you can think of, available for both men and Women!

Breast Coolers

Breast Coolers

3. Breast Coolers

These are an ultra thin cooling breast pads, that act like a sticker underneath your clothing.

These little light weight pads fit right underneath, or along the breast bone to help cool you down.

Cleavage Coolers

Cleavage Coolers

4. Cleavage Coolers

These fantastic little guys are  cloth covered self-contained gel packs.



5. Pambras

These are a soft cotton bra liner designed to absorb perspiration under and between the breast. They prevents wetness from seeping  through to clothing and extend the life of your bras. They also carry post surgery options as well!

Wick'em Bra Liner

Wick’em Bra Liner

6. Wick’em

Similar to the above liner  – specially designed to absorb moisture and prevent skin irritation. These liners work by pulling perspiration away from the skin and into the cotton fill. Again you can wear them regularly, or flip the tabs under for lower cut styles.


Huppo pouches

7. Huppo  pouches

This is a time release deodorant powder – The Huppo linen pouch delivers odor and moisture absorbing powder slowly throughout the day to the places you need it most. Your own movement causes the powder to be released from the pouch so, the more you move, the more powder is released.


So those are just a few of our Favorite products for brides to help keep them uncomfortable dress sweating at minimum.

While we’re at it though and talking Sweat, here are some bonus items worth mentioning that are also a favorite of mine:

Derma Doctor Med E Tate Wipes

DermaDoctor – Med-E-Tate sweat control wipes and Tease Zone Spray

DermaDoctor – Med-E-Tate sweat control wipes

I LOVE These guys! Something all makeup artists should carry in their kits too for their clients. Designed more for the “face sweaters” – yes, it’s a thing. This product is a great oil blocker and can help you prevent excess shine with your makeup. There is also their fabulous Tease zone oil control gel too.

Seban Liquid

Seban Liquid


Another oil inhibitor. Seban helps control facial oil and shine and other problems associated with oily skin. Available in both liquid or pads.


So there you have it ladies, a few of our top recommended items to help you control that sweat a bit more on your big day. Got any other products you’d like us to know about, shoot us an email.

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