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How to set your Wedding Day Budget!

23 Sep


Congratulations on your new engagement, now the fun begins – It’s wedding planning time!! 🙂

Today, we focus our post on Bridal Budgets; as this is the first of your major steps that will determine the general planning of your entire wedding event!

After many years now of working within the Bridal Industry, I seem to hear the same “problems” over and over – spoken by many future Brides-to-be, the forums are flooded with posts about it, followed by “It’s not within my budget”….. to which leads me to present the very first question that needs to be asked before anything else.

How do you plan a Budget for your wedding day if you have no idea what your vendors, venue, and other services, are going to cost you??? So what IS your budget then?

Most Bride’s are planning for the FIRST TIME.

Here in lie’s the first hurdle that can bring down both wedding plans and add unnecessary stress along the way….. Ask yourself this; Did you just Guesstimates your totals, or have a vague recollection of what you ASSUME these vendor services should cost?

Make sure your budget is realistic!

The reason 50% or more of couples go over budget in their planning, is because:

1) They do not allow for financial changes in their own plans (Job loss, illnesses, etc)

2) They don’t add in the recommended 20% ‘cushion’ – Think in terms of a home reno – things ALWAYS Pop up!

3) Most people do not set realistic budgets pertaining to their vendors and the services they are looking to book.

Another thing that often ends up neglected is the ‘final’ total of the wedding day itself, from final taxes to your wedding vendor’s gratuities pertaining to services…we touch on this later though in another post about vendor gratuities.

Also other “missed” areas within a budget plan, just a few small examples of commonly missed areas: Alternation costs, Gifts, Favors/Supplies/Goody bags, Babysitting costs, Valet/Parking fees, and let’s not forget the MANY different “bridal parties” BEFORE the actual wedding day  – stagette, bridal shower, rehearsal dinners, etc.

Wedding day Budget


One of the best things I ever heard came from one of my brides this year, Sara, and thus the entire basis of this post as it is still to date one of the smartest pre-wedding plans I’ve come across!!

Her Mother in law had made plans BEFORE ANY PLANNING was to start, for her son, his future wife (Sara) and her to visit a few of main Vancouver Bridal Shows.

This gave them the ability to not only scope out future ideas for their wedding-to-be but most importantly, MEET some of their potential vendors face to face!

They grabbed business cards and price quotes from many of the vendors they liked, found out packaging options and more that agreed with both their tastes but also their potential wedding size as well.

This gave them a whole slew of information, pricing and other options that they could sit and go through once home, to help start them off on the right path.

Not only that, but they had another advantage now, saving more money!!

Many vendors at these shows offer “specials” or “discounts”  for those that attend these bridal shows…That you will not find available through their online sites. Booking your vendors early can not only save you tons of money, but also the disappointments of your top choices being already booked – Remember just about all wedding services and Bridal related vendors (including Makeup | Hair and Salon services) can book about 1 year out!

So once they returned home, Sara and her fiance  sat down and separated everything in sections: Catering, Vancouver Venues, Photographers, DJ Services, Limo companies and more.


Wedding-budget list

Next step is PRIORITIZING your vendors and/or areas of more importance to you.

With the information and pricing now available BEFOREHAND, They were able to go through each section and price out an average cost PER Service provider for their wedding. In the long run and after the wedding – they were even UNDER BUDGET at the end!!

Some brides have areas that might be more important to them or as a couple. Be that a Venue/Location, or a Photographer for example. Maybe it’s beauty services – These are the top 3 vendors that book the fastest, and with good reason.

You are the centerpiece in every image, throughout the day. Your most photographed day of your life; After it’s all said in done, the only thing you will have left of the day is the photos you get back of those memorable moments…. These three vendor areas are key to not only your photos, but the overall vibe and feeling of the entire experience.

Example: Some brides have no problem spending $500+ on a pair of shoes, that in reality, are under a dress, that no one will see. Then in the same breath, express how their ‘looks’ are super important to them – BUT then attempt their own Hair and Makeup, that may not be appropriate with today’s higher end media demands; it just doesn’t pan out, and the photos show it. While others may be more concerned with a napkin color or sash on a chair, that guests are likely to not even remember….

So again, look at prioritizing your ideas, THEN set your budgets alongside that.

If Photography, Venue, Beauty and how you look, or your Decor are most important, SPEND The budget in those areas!!

There will always be further options for DIY areas along the way, or portions that can allow for additional help from others. But don’t dismiss your ‘A choice’ factors when planning.

In prioritizing and figuring out your vendor cost first, this can not only keep your budget on target, but considerably lower the risk of burning out with DIY Projects and other stress.

After all, the average engagement and wedding planning time frame is about 12-14 months….so what’s a few cents a day set aside, to get the vendors and services you truly want and find the most important for your big day.

So let that be proof, that although you may be excited and ready to just jump in there and start planning, that a little extra time, smart planning, prioritizing and organization can save you so much time, money and stress later on when the ball gets rolling.

Happy wedding planning!

****Have a subject you’d like us to cover, or wedding planning questions you’d like answered? Drop us a line anytime, and we’ll do our best to feature your Question or Subject in one of our up and coming posts!!

Secrets of the Forest – Bridal Editorial for Perfect Wedding Magazine

1 Aug

It’s Published!

I am super excited to share our long awaited reveal on this shoot.

Our sensual, Bohemian-inspired bridal editorial has finally landed on the glossy pages of the Spring/Summer edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine!

Here are some Favorite shots below and be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video of our Secrets of the Forest bridal editorial.

A big thank you goes out again, to our amazing team on this shoot. Always a pleasure working with friends – Talented, amazing and dedicated local Bridal Vendors.

Enjoy! 🙂


Behind the Scenes Video




Hair Adornments & Accessories: POWDER BLUE BIJOUX

Hair & Make-Up (For all Models):  FELICIA BROMBA


Cakes & Sweets:  MEG NELSON


Set Furnishings & Glassware: MEUSE BOUTIQUE





Cinematography DANIELLE DOBSON



Truvelle: 2014 Lookbook

5 May

Many of my Bridal client’s already know the mad love I have for these gowns, I can’t say enough good things about them… but for those of you who are just stopping in, or maybe you’re a first time reader here, You couldn’t have picked a better post to join us on 🙂

Today I share with you, a sneak peek into the 2014 Bridal look book I was a part of recently for Truvelle. I was honored to be a part of this shoot, working with an amazingly talented team, and of course Gaby with her stunning gowns!

A little about this company: Gaby previously worked with Ellebay Bridal Boutique. Last year, Gaby branched off and created Truvelle; wedding dresses for the modern bride that are unconventional and effortlessly beautiful.

Based in Vancouver, Canada. These stunning gowns are made from scratch. Gaby creates made-to-order wedding dresses, with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, and quality. All of her patterns are handcrafted and perfected, with carefully chosen fabric that is individually hand cut, and each gown has its own unique story.

In her first year, Truvelle dresses have been named as one of the favorite dresses of the year on many of the top blogs!

Take a look!

Truvelle Felicia Makeup Felicia Makeup DSC_8405-552-Edit-2Web Truvelle Felicia Bromba1 Truvelle Felicia Makeup Truvelle Felicia Bromba


Love them too?

Be sure to stop by the Truvelle Website for more info.

Photography: Kristy Ryan of Blush Wedding Photography // Dresses: Truvelle // Hair & Makeup: Felicia Bromba // Styling: Chiara DeMutiis of Kailey Michelle Events // Assistant Styling: Kelly Harnett // Videography: Caner Celenk // Floral Design: The Flower Factory // Model: Sophia Dishaw of Lizbell Agency // Jewelry & Set Props: Brick and Mortar Living // Location: Arundel Mansions, Vancouver, BC // Lookbook Design: Madison Hope of Hope & Co.

All a Flutter – Wedluxe Feature

7 Jan

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, It’s been a very busy Winter and Holiday season, so I’m starting out the New Year with a fresh new Blog post to showcase what I’ve been up to. We’ll have more posts in the following weeks to come.

Bridal season has kept us very busy, and with that sadly – a bit behind on posting…

So today, I would like to share some gorgeous work from a group of very talented wedding vendors I had the pleasure of working with recently.

It was just a couple weeks ago now, that some more of my work got featured on one of my favorite magazine’s websites.

Here is a look at just a few of my favorites – I hope you like them!

To see more images from this feature, please check out:  Wedluxe blog. (http://www.wedluxe.com/butterfly)

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia7
Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia Makeup8

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia10
Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia9

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia11

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia12

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia6

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia4

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia1

Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia3
Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia2
Butterfly Wedding - Brides by Felicia5


Photography: Denise Lin Photography

Hair and Makeup: Felicia Bromba – Makeup Artist

Planning: Elysium Events

Venue: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Floral: Balconi Floral Design Studio Inc.

Stationery: Love by Phoebe

Cakes and Cookies: Kien & Sweet

Gowns: Lazaro and Marchesa from Bisou Bridal

Jewellery and Hair Accessories: Jeweliette Jewellery

Cinematography: Modern Romance Productions

Linens and Table Decor: Lavish Design Group

Wedding Tips: Wearing Fresh Flowers in your Hair.

6 Jun

As we head into a busy summer of weddings, the requests for wearing fresh flowers in the hair is looking strong this year!

So today I wanted to take a few minutes to list some quick tips for those looking at wearing real flowers for their big day.

1. Do not spray anything on your Flowers. This includes things like Perfume, Hairsprays, etc. Doing so can cause your flowers to wilt. Be sure to style your Hair, finishing off with your setting spray, THEN Place your fresh flowers into your style last.

2.  If you can, always try and get your florist to make or attach your fresh flowers to a Hairpin for you.

You want to make sure it’s a Hair pin (not bobby pin), large or small size – depending on the flower. Your florist can then wire or tape the flowers stem line along one of the prongs giving the flower both stability, easier pinning, but also to help balance it better to either lay flat as needed or sit up a bit more in relation with your Hairstyle.

 Your florist will also be able to tell you which flower choices will be your best option and the flowers that will last the longest when out of water, under the hot summer sun all day and more.

3. If Doing it yourself, be sure to leave some extra stem to make it easier when attaching to either your pin/clip or into the Hair.

4. Sizing. Choosing the appropriate sizing is key. You want to make sure its balanced, both with the sizing of your Hairstyle, but also your face shape.

Some client’s may opt for one large flower that corresponds with their floral choices, others might do an arrangement of multiple flowers grouped together for the appearance of one large flower or to fill a section of the style. This is also a great idea, for those looking at sneaking in a few different colored flowers, or textures of multiple flower types for added visual interest.

5. To help keep your flowers lasting as long as possible, be sure to leave them in water and/or in a refrigerator up until your last possible option before either leaving and starting into your day.

Here are a few inspiration images for you…. Enjoy! 🙂

Flower in Hair

Images from Bridal Musings

Vendor Spotlight – Mishe Jewels

22 Jun

Today I wanted to take a few minutes out to show some love to an amazing friend and local accessory designer named Mandee of Mishe Jewels.

We have worked with her on a few occasions over the past year or so now and just completed a recent shoot with her for some new and exciting items for her 2011 line!

With more and more of our brides seeking something other than your “traditional” style bridal accessories we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to her designs with Bridal season in full swing now and many of our brides asking for accessory referrals.

We’d like to introduce you to Mandee; the maker of fine custom and elite feather headpieces!

These amazing designs are sure to kick it up a notch, while incorporating  elegant and tasteful pops of color to your hairstyle and/or dress. Her hair accessories are also a wonderful option for bridesmaids and flower girls alike.

Her one of a kind designs can be pre-purchased from her amazing array of on-hand accessories, or completely customized and tailored to your ideas and color schemes for your wedding.

With a love for color, and inspired by all ideas and cultures from around the world, her pieces have been seen gracing both celebrities and local brides a like.

Here are a few sample shots of some of my favorite pieces as seen from our recent shoot.

For more information on her designs or to custom order your own pieces, contact Mandee at: info@mishejewels.com

Mishe Jewels also will continue to sell at Private Pop-up Parties for a short time, only-until their WORLDWIDE launch SOON! To be on the mailing list for these exclusive sales, please contact her at the email above!

Photo Credits:

Photography by: Nuno Silva

Models: Laura, Vanessa, Kelsey, Gabrielle and Julia

Accessories provided by: Mishe Jewels

Bridal Gowns provided by: Pure Something

All Hair Services by: Victoria Kuzma

All Make-up services by: Felicia Bromba

Hair Extensions for your Wedding – The good, the bad, the ugly.

1 Jun

*Contributing post by Hairstylist Victoria Kuzma*

I regularly receive emails from women inquiring about hair extensions.  Many of my brides ask if I would do extensions for them, too.  Since we’re entering high wedding season, and many of my brides are going for long, flowing half-updos for their wedding, I’ve decided that it’s time to address this issue.

Guess who….Money can’t by “good” extensions!

Firstly, most women consider extensions when they feel like they cannot grow their hair long enough or thickly enough for their satisfaction.  Today I’m probably going to upset a lot of you when I say that in my experience, the reason you do not have the beautiful hair you wish for is that you are too lazy or cheap to take care of it properly (very few women have actual medical hair and scalp issues compared to the number of women who get extensions).  I will teach you how to do this, after I tell you about extensions…

IF you get extensions, there is a great likelihood that your hair AND scalp will be irreparably damaged and you’ll be even worse off than before you got them.  Above, you see photos of Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham.  They are proof that no matter how many thousands of dollars you spend, fusion extensions still look nasty.  Victoria Beckham still looks like she has a patchy bald spot at the back of her head from her extensions, and I believe it’s been quite a few years since she took them out.

Extensions damage your hair at the scalp level, within the roots before the hair cells in the shaft have ‘died’ and fully keratinized.  It does this in 2 ways that I have seen: by suffocating the scalp and pulling at the roots.  Your scalp needs regular washing and exposure to the air.  Without these simple things, you’re looking at fungal accumulations and dead skin buildup, causing itchiness, foul odor and poor nutrient supply to your roots.  This causes your hair to grow brittle and break off, and scalp issues such as dandruff or folliculitis.  The end result is little bald dots all over your head, spiky little patches of very short broken hair, and thinner, ‘sicker’ hair than ever before.

Did you know that you cannot shampoo your scalp properly with fusion/bonded or track-and-sew?  You can’t put certain shampoos directly on the bonds, and it’s advised to never use conditioner on the bonds either.  Hair must be gently shampooed with a squeezing motion, never scrubbed.  It’s very hard to get a properly clean head using this technique!  I find track-and-sew to be especially gross – the braids are done so tightly to the scalp that you cannot wash underneath.  Trust me when I say it is STINKY to have to style track-and-sew…I no longer shoot with models who have this type of extension.

And finally, extensions are expensive to maintain.  I have heard of prices starting at $200 up to $500 every 4-6 weeks!

The only extensions I endorse are the clip-ins.  They cost only $100-$200 and can last for years if properly cared for, plus you can cut, colour and style them to match your own hair (if the right colours are not available).  I recommend Lord and Cliff 7-piece sets, available in Vancouver at Abantu.  Clip-ins are very easy to put in by yourself!  If unsure, watch a Youtube how-to video :)

SO!  How do you take care of your hair so that it grows long and healthy?  Well, start from within.  Proper nutrition is essential to healthy hair, so I suggest seeing a professional if you are truly unsure of how to feed yourself.  Regular trims are a must when growing your hair, because split ends can fray and break right on up the hair shaft if left too long.  Do you find your hair doesn’t grow past your shoulders?  That’s breakage!  Get a mini-trim every 4 weeks – your hair grows about 1/2 inch in that time, so go get a dry cut to ensure the minimum is taken (wet hair stretches).  And do not get any razor cutting – razoring scrapes and splits the cuticle, resulting in intensely damaged hair.

Stop over-styling your hair.  I advise everyone to work with their natural texture anyway, so go get a texturizing wash-and-wear haircut, and put the blow-dryer and flatiron away.  It will take a few months for your texture to normalize after all that styling, so do regular treatments and be patient.  I prefer Redken CAT treatment because the enzymes only work for 5 minutes, so it’s quick and easy.  You can even stack treatments one after the other without rinsing, up to 3 times.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the right products!  Spend the extra money on a decent shampoo and conditioner.  It’s so much cheaper than extensions!  I prefer PureOlogy Hydrate duo for thick hair and Rene Furterer Tonucia duo for thin hair.  Tonucia should not be used longer than 6 months at a time due to the protein content.  Too much protein will damage your hair, so switch to something like PureOlogy Volume for a while until ready for Tonucia again.

The best leave-in product for all hair types is BC Bonacure Sealed Ends, because you need only a teensy bit for maximum benefit.  If your hair is extra dry, you can touch up with it during the day on dry hair.  I love this product so much that I’ll probably write a big article about it, so stay tuned.

And finally, go easy on the highlighting.  It would be beneficial to start colouring your hair even one level darker by doing lowlights or an all-over application.  This will ‘heal’ your hair because salon colours often have intensive protein molecules which hold the pigment in the hair and seal the cuticle so it doesn’t wash out.

Let’s say you really feel it’s too ‘expensive’ to do what I’ve said.  Here is some math for you:

-PureOlogy Hydrate shampoo 1L and conditioner 1L combo, $75 at Zennkai, lasts a year on LONG hair, 1 year and 6 months on short hair

-Regular trims, 1x per month at $40 each (my pricing) $480

-Redken CAT, about $20 at Zennkai, lasts about 1 year if you do biweekly treatments on your ends only (not your whole head, it’s unnecessary)

-BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends, about $15

TOTAL $590 for a year of natural care, which is around what you spend in 6 months on extensions and upkeep, without products or haircuts. You could even splurge and get some $200 clip-ins and still be saving money!

By the way, cheap extensions are a bad idea and will only make everything much worse than I’ve already described.  Be warned!!  I have seen horrible botched gluing jobs with big nasty crusts of glue on the scalp that won’t come off…just don’t do it.

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