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Whiten those teeth!

25 May

We all want a pearly white smile, especially for your bridal photos….After all you’re going to be smiling in about 90% of those pictures!  😉

Crest White strips are widely popular for a quick at home fix to brighten your smile; or a visit to your dentist for treatment.

Here’s a few quick “at home” options for you:

Brushing your teeth with table salt and baking soda.
It helps to brighten and polish the teeth and it’s great for the gum’s and fighting off bacteria and infection!

You can also make a paste using a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of  baking soda. Apply this to your teeth and massage gently. This helps to both brighten your teeth but also aids in removing stains.

Other handy at home options include; strawberries, orange peels, apple cider vinegar and even charcoal (burn a piece of toast, scrape the burnt layer and mix with your toothpaste!)

Remember that teeth naturally have a yellowish tint because of calcium, essential  for strong tooth enamel. Brushing too hard and using to many acidic items or prolonged use of “whitening products” can and will often begin to eat away the surface. Once your tooth enamel is ruined, it’s permanent. Your teeth can become considerably weaker and much more prone to cavities and sensitivity as well. So as with any items that are being used to alter a color or state of appearance, use moderation in application and your discretion.


How to Look Great in your Wedding Photographs

23 Apr

*A contributing post from Sugar Snap Studios*

I can’t tell you how many times in our wedding photography career I have heard the old lament: “The camera hates me. I just never take good pictures. I hate having my picture taken. No, really, you’ll see!”

Well, time for a reality check: if you understand how the camera works, you can manipulate this knowledge to your favor. Yup, that’s right—you’re way smarter than that little machine and you can outsmart it by using the power of illusion.

Say Goodbye to Sweatin’ to those Oldies
I hate to say it, but first and foremost, we women tend to want to look…um, “svelte.” (Okay, so most of us would settle for just “not looking fat.”) Anyway, there are a few simple rules that will allow you to take at least ten pounds off in pictures. I promise. No Richard Simmons involved.

The first rule, and this is a big one, is to use angles to your advantage. A picture is one-dimensional. Flat. This is good news. It means that by angling your body slightly, you make part of it simply disappear. (If only I could do that in real life just after my mom’s Christmas dinner). For your wedding photographs, it means that by simply turning to a 45 degree angle to the camera, (put one shoulder slightly forward and jut the opposing hip back) you can trim those unwanted pounds away. To make this a double whammy, stand up straight. Practice standing up straight versus slouching in the mirror. The straight stance sucks your tummy in and also gives you an air of pride and confidence. This and the angle make for an attractive and strong pose.

This angle concept gets better too. You know that little ghost of a double chin you hate? Well, as soon as you lift your chin up, it’s gone right? So why not have your photographer perched above you and then look up into the lens? Not only does this banish any double chin, it also thins and smooths out the skin on your face, making for a beautiful and interesting portrait. The next time you see photos you like, try to determine what angle the photographer took them from. You’d be amazed at how many shots of women are done from above for this very reason.

You’ve seen Top Model, right? Yeah well those girls are on to something with all their grimacing in the mirror – practicing your look and understanding your expressions and angles can really pay off. A good photographer will add to your image by gently encouraging you into your best poses and expressions.

And in the end, remember to have fun with it, highlight your natural gifts. Be yourself and let your unique one-of-a-kind beauty shine through. Nothing is prettier than genuine warmth and glow.

Cindy Hughes is a wedding photographer with Sugarsnap Studios, a boutique wedding photography company she runs in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit her website at www.sugarsnap.ca

Vendor Spotlight – Darko Sikman Photography

27 Jan

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Darko a few times over the season. Each encounter has been amazing, not only is he a wonderful person but he takes amazing photographs and we  just had to share a little about him!

Darko’s path to becoming a Vancouver wedding photographer is a bit unusual. When he tells people he just moved here this past summer they usually ask: “Where from?” and that is a tough question for him to answer. For the past 10 years Darko has been traveling around the world and rarely had a fixed abode. It was supposed to be a 6 month trip but nobody warned him that traveling was going to be so addictive so he just kept on going.

It was a dream lifestyle: Photographing the wildlife in Africa, Caribbean Sunsets, iconic places like Sidney Opera, The Great Pyramid or the Taj Mahal and glaciers in Alaska, Arctic and Himalayas. But Darko’s passion has always been photographing people. His portraits from his travels range from the gorgeous little kids from the mountain villages in Lesotho to the gorgeous old man – The Dalai Lama. Throw into the mix some headshots for prospective Bollywood stars, fashion shoots for designers from Finland to Australia and you have a pretty eclectic resume.

When he is shooting weddings – and he has photographed weddings on 3 continents – he uses all of that travel photography experience to capture interesting moments like a photojournalist and when it’s time to take the bridal portraits; Darko’s fashion photographer side shows up to showcase the Hollywood glam and make you look fabulous, so you get the best of both worlds!

This wide range of experience will guarantee that the couple receives amazing images of their wedding day whether they are formal portraits, photo-journalistic capture of the event or precious moments that they might have missed.

You can find his images and get to know more about him on his blog: www.DarkoRoom.com and his Facebook.

If you are on twitter you can also follow @darkosikman

How to get your Wedding Published

27 Dec

With so many wedding sites online now, the ability for the average person to become a “Magazine Bride” is becoming more and more available…For those out there interested, this post is for you.

Each year, we encourage all of our brides to submit their professional images. Why not, what do you have to lose, right? Over the years we have had a number of our bridal clients featured on the larger bridal sites as well as featured in various magazines.

Here are a few key points that we have found in order to help establish yourself as a potential real life wedding feature for magazines and websites.

To begin with, speak with your wedding photographer about your interest! As many of the sites and magazines do go through the photographers, they also require permission from the clients in order to a run a story about you and your wedding! This will provide your photographer with a head start on what items they may want to focus on in order to create a wedding “story board” of which potential images may be submitted.

Be original. Take the time to come up with some creative ideas that are unique to you as a couple. Remember that looking through inspiration images is fine, but they have already been done! That is why they have been posted for you to look at…

Many of the  places that take wedding submissions also want to see the smaller details of your wedding, plus the couple. This includes everything from detailed shots of your decor and set up, your cake, bridal bouquets, and your getting ready shot all the way to your actual bridal shots/portraits of you and the guest shots. Also think about any personalized and unique detailing you have present at your wedding. Remember that all these items do take time to photograph so it is best to allot a little extra time for your photographer to capture these correctly and in adequate lighting…not at the end of the night!

One of the things that will likely see your submission tossed is inconstancy. This plays a huge part in the overall look that the sites and magazines may be seeking to feature for a particular segment. So make sure your color schemes are consistent and flow throughout the wedding details, and are not sporadic. IRON your linens and covers! This is probably one of the most underestimated area yet can botch a wonderful image/submission immediately because no one will spend the hours needed to edit these blemishes out of a photo.

We always love to see our brides featured so have fun and good luck!

Vendor Spotlight – JMB Photography

2 Nov

Today I’m featuring Jen of JMB Photography with her Fun, Relaxed and Fashionable Portraiture…

“Jen, we love our photographs & so do our guests. Everyone loved how you got along with all the guests”

These are words that Jen hears frequently from all her clients. She’s got a great knack for mixing into a crowd of guests and becoming one of them – as if they’ve been friends for ages!  This allows her to capture the real moments of a wedding!

Sessions are always fun, laid-back & creative – no fake smiles necessary with JMB Photography! During a session Jen is usually performing balancing acts & unusual stances all the while cracking jokes & making you smile naturally! She will do everything she can to get the best images for each & every image she takes. She wants her clients to be as excited about their images as she is about capturing them!

“Photography is not only my career; it’s my passion. I love what I do and that is evident in every image I capture.”

Jen started JMB Photography in the winter of 2007 with the encouragement & support of her closest friends & family. These people are the ones who kick started the weddings for her – offering their weddings as “test drives” for her skills. With everyone loving the  photographs, thus JMB Wedding Photography was born.

Since then she has started her business; shoots weddings each summer with a few spread out through fall & winter months. She offers engagement sessions for all her clients to help them get to know each other before the big day.

Jen branched off into a new type of photography in early 2010 – Boudoir. Her clients are crazy for these sessions with her and have become a regular addition to a Wedding client’s package! Her boudoir work is sexy & sophisticated with a touch of fashion infused into each session.

“A boudoir session is an amazing way to empower yourself & boost your self esteem. Your partner will also really enjoy the benefits of this session as well!”

JMB Photography offers Wedding, Engagement, Boudoir & Maternity sessions. Jen is available all throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley for sessions outdoors and she also offers her home studio for sessions.

Be sure to stop by Jen’s website www.jmbphotography.ca to check out her portfolios as well as her blog  that is constantly updated with the latest & greatest sessions she’s been doing! She’s also an avid Facebook user & you can find JMB Photography there too!

“I don’t just want to take your picture today; I truly want to build a friendship and photograph you and your family for years to come. You’re not just a client – you are a friend.”

Vendor Spotlight – Whitening on Wheels: MOBILE Teeth whitening services.

17 Oct

Today’s feature is one of the greatest mobile service options I have come across to date.

Meet Andrea Vawda, of Whitening on Wheels, a mobile Teeth whitening company servicing Vancouver and all surrounding areas.

Your wedding day is going to be YOUR special day with all eyes on you! With all the work that has gone into your gown, veil, jewelry, Hair and make-up, shouldn’t your smile also sparkle?

Andrea can make sure you have a whiter, brighter smile for your special day.

With a background in Acting, and as a spokesperson and model, Andrea knows firsthand just how important it is to feel confident and that your smile is looking the best it can be!

The process is safe and effective, producing a natural-looking smile with instant results.

Best of all, this stress-free treatment is provided at your convenience in the comfort of your home!!

For more information on services or to book your appointment that will whiten and brighten your smile for your big day, please contact Andréa.

Email: the604@blueicewow.com

Website: http://www.blueicewow.com


Myth Buster: Age and Shimmers

13 Oct

I often hear this comment from some of my mature clientele.

“Ive heard Mature ladies cannot wear shimmery/frosty makeup”

This is false!

Shimmery makeup can be worn at any age, but what’s more important is how you wear it!

True, you may want to wear a little less as you get older, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t. It should also be noted that there is a difference between “Shimmer” and “Frosty” make-up products. Shimmer is typically smaller is sizing, similar to a dust and more of a light wash, where as Frost is typically larger particles that can appear more grainy in textures….You’ll usually see this if the make-up flakes or breaks apart easier when you swipe it with your brushes.

The reason behind this comment is:

If a shimmer and/or Frosty make-up is used incorrectly and in the wrong areas, it tends to ‘age’ you more, regardless of how old you may actually be! This is mainly due to the fact that often shimmer/frosty particles will ‘settle’ in fine line areas such as the eyelids, outer eye areas and deep lines around the mouth. The particles then settle and reflect light drawing direct attention to areas that many wish not to exaggerate…basically acting like a direct visual flagging to the areas in contact with the shimmer!

Helpful tip:

If you love the shimmers, try using small hints of it in selected areas rather than an all over wash, or yet, even more distracting when paired with other shimmery products amongst the face such as a shimmery cheek and a frosty pink lip!

Ideas of use could be in areas such as the corner of the eyes to brighten,  lightly dusted across the cheek bones to add a soft and sexy glow, or even placed onto the center of the lips for a little extra alongside your lipstick or gloss.

The key thing to remember at ANY AGE Is that too much shimmer will have you looking like a disco ball and draw direct attention to all the areas in which you are trying to cover and/or hide.   Worse yet it can photograph terribly causing you to look shiny and sweaty as it reflects light, as well as exaggerate acne, dark circles and fine lines.

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