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You get what you pay for!!

28 Jun

Sadly this season, we are seeing more last minute requests come through for services than any other years, COMBINED!

This week alone, we’ve seen over a dozen emails come through from frantic brides, some mere weeks out from their wedding day, seeking services.

Why? Two main reasons seem to be the front runners:

#1 – The makeup/hair artist that they booked, many found on “Craigslist”,  just canceled on them, Some mere days before the wedding.

#2 – They procrastinated or just didn’t feel that how they were going to look in photos was really that important, but had a change of heart the week before the big day.

Now, in regards to #1 – I have a few concerns that immediately spring to mind when I hear these stories, over and over, year after year…

Sadly, 95% of these client’s we are unable to help due to already being booked. That just breaks my heart.

As covered in a few of our posts already, most PROFESSIONAL Vendors, book at least a minimum of 1 year in advance, with the  spring/summer months booking out and closing the first and fastest. Long weekends dates are in extremely high demand, seeing usually double or more the requests.

This also being the time when most last minute requests come in…. why? because that “person”  they originally booked is now “going to be away then” and just let them know.

Now, I don’t know who these artists are, but what I can tell you is that they were likely “a friend” or some hobby style  “weekend warrior”  Makeup artist/Hair Artist that the bride found offering $40 services, or even worse, less than, or often it’s a friend that’s offered it as a “gift”…

It is imperative that as a bride, you do your homework on the artists and vendors you plan to hire or to those doing your makeup/Hair services. Friend or otherwise, paid or free. Just because they may “do makeup” does not mean they are qualified for photography ready make-up and hair styles nor specialize in Bridal. Remember that these images now become your memories of that day. It’s a one shot deal.

Take time to go through their website, do they have one? If not well, that’s your first warning bell right there… If they are a serious artist, they would have a Website! With all the free website services available now, there’s just no excuse.

Looking at their online reviews  or their testimonial pages from clients, that’s at least a starting point.

Also, a good clue; Take note of response time to email replies back to you and/or  phone calls.  Is the artist responding within a reasonable amount of time?  Are your questions thoroughly answered or are they met with 1-2 sentence replies?

Most artists are out working Fridays through Sunday, providing services on weddings, thus majority of replies will be returned starting on Monday. However, if it took them a week or more to even reply to your initial inquiry, you need to look at that. What if there was a change in your day or something important, and you can’t even get a hold of them for over a week? No good…

Prices….The big hitter. WHAT are you getting for that cost?  You don’t always get the best value for your dollar.  Compare the services you are receiving with the cost.  Those that have had the experiences will tell you hands down after experiencing what they have, don’t go for the cheapest.  Those with higher levels of experience, specialized skills, Award winning services, etc. are of course going to cost you a bit more, this should be factored into your decision. You’re likely to get way more from a professional artist that focuses and specializes in the area of Bridal, as they know all the details about to go on behind the scenes to, that in most cases, a client may not have even thought of yet!!

Here’s a key hint; Most of us ladies have been to a makeup counter, we see, we know the prices on brands like Chanel, MAC and others, or the mascara that might run you $30!  My sanitizers cost more than $40, so I would be worried if their not even charging enough to cover their sanitizing products…The question then becomes, just what are they using on you to be running on those prices offered? Really stop and think about that.

Here’s a quick few  tips and examples to help spot a “Fake-up Artist” you might be about to hire:

Do they Have a Website? Is it informative or bare – leaving you with many questions?

Portfolio? Or do they just post an ad on craigslist that says they “do makeup” and “email me for pictures!”?  Someone who is committed to their business and sees it as a real career will spend the time to develop some kind of web presence where brides can view images, pricing, service information, reviews and more.

A secondary portion to the portfolio, do they show a good range of work? Brides, Mom’s, ethnicity ranges…soft looks, dramatic looks, and so on. Yes, there are some people that ONLY focus to one area of services/client’s (Example; Asian Weddings, South Asian Weddings, etc.) their portfolio may only be 1 sided.

If you are unsure, ask to see images relevant to you. Say, as an example you are a Caucasian bride, if the artist you are looking at has only South Asian client’s posted, don’t hesitate to ask to see their work on Caucasian client’s. Contrary to belief, some artist may NOT be able to apply the same on a select type of client, nor have experience in a certain area and as such do better and focus to one area only. So if in doubt, ask.

Are you required to sign a contract/Mutual Service agreement?

If not, that’s red-flags all over the place. How can you Protect yourself  if the artist doesn’t even  know how to protect themselves? Contracts are for protection of both sides!

Are they working straight out of a container? Double dipping that brush right into that concealer or foundation? Are they using DISPOSABLES!!!! Things like Mascaras and lip-glosses particularly should always be used with a disposable and never from the container’s original wands…. Are you watching them clean their brushes between client’s too?

There is no question you can find Makeup artists/Hairstylists out there who are offering you cheap services or even those willing to provide makeup and hair services for free.  But do you really want to take a chance on your wedding day?  You are going to be photographed more on your wedding day, than any other day in your life!  When the day is all said in done, these are the images people are looking back on 10 or 20+ years from now, you want to be confident knowing you looked your absolute best in them.

Time and time again,  we’ve seen horrible images, even sites dedicated to this very ideal showcasing  how a $2,000 dress and a $3,500 photography package won’t make a difference if you skimp on your Makeup and proper hairstyling and look like a hot mess!

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