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Streaky Tan?

8 Mar

So you wanted that sun kissed glow, but your self-tan didn’t turn out that way?

If you find yourself a little blotchy or streaky after applying a coat of self tanner or returning from a spray tan application, here are some quick fixes…

Baking soda:

Put some baking soda on a wash cloth or loofah, and gentle buff away the stripes using a circular motion.


Lemons or lemon juice also works well for ridding yourself of blotchy patches and/or streaks left from self tanners. You can also add a little sugar with it to create an exfoliate scrub.

Witch hazel:

Witch hazel can also remove self tanner by helping to lighten the skin up a bit.  Pour some onto a cotton ball and dab or rub the cotton ball onto the area(s) needed. Witch hazel is very inexpensive and can be purchased at any drugstore!

Remember, streaky-ness  is primarily caused by uneven application and dry or rough areas on the body… So be sure to exfoliate all areas well where you plan to add that glow!

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