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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Felicia Bromba. I am a Multi-Award winning and Professionally Certified MOBILE makeup artist offering services throughout the Lower mainland – Vancouver, B.C. , Canada and further.  I am experienced in all make-up Medias and cultural celebrations and offer my services to a wide variety of clientele specializing in Bridal services, Beauty and Glamour, Fashion and Creative works.

For more information on my services, portfolio viewing and more please visit: www.brides-by-felicia.com for more details…

My team and I have started this blog with one sole purpose in mind, YOU…our Brides-to-be!

With the increasing amount of misleading and often false information online directly posted towards brides we decided that something needed to change. After all, how many out there have had to plan a wedding before from scratch?!

Here you will find REAL Truthful advice and answers directly from the vendors that you hire for your big day. No lies, no frills, just the straight and honest truth.

Here we will cover everything from general Beauty tips and Advice, Local vendor spotlights, recommended areas of interest and more…

We hope you enjoy the time you spend here and please be sure to hit the Subscribe button for our updated posts.

I would like to mention the following, that although some may not agree with some of the postings, we are here to help and provide truthful responses. All opinions are that of the many vendors that will be contributing towards this blog for all of you (brides-to-be) out there and thus should be taken lightly and that of informational text. We are here to provide you with current information regarding your services booked so that you can make detailed and informed decisions that best fit YOUR needs for your up and coming wedding day.

This carries over as well to our health and skincare tips, of course we are not doctor’s and you will know your body best, so please, be mindful. We merely aim to provide you with options on tips and tricks both used by us but also favorites provided to us from our clients!

Should you like us to address a specific topic or have a question you’d like to see covered, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to create a post pertaining to it, as your question may be one that others out there may also be seeking an answer for!

Thanks again for joining us and enjoy your stay. Happy Wedding planning.


Felicia and Affiliates.

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