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How to Look Great in your Wedding Photographs

23 Apr

*A contributing post from Sugar Snap Studios*

I can’t tell you how many times in our wedding photography career I have heard the old lament: “The camera hates me. I just never take good pictures. I hate having my picture taken. No, really, you’ll see!”

Well, time for a reality check: if you understand how the camera works, you can manipulate this knowledge to your favor. Yup, that’s right—you’re way smarter than that little machine and you can outsmart it by using the power of illusion.

Say Goodbye to Sweatin’ to those Oldies
I hate to say it, but first and foremost, we women tend to want to look…um, “svelte.” (Okay, so most of us would settle for just “not looking fat.”) Anyway, there are a few simple rules that will allow you to take at least ten pounds off in pictures. I promise. No Richard Simmons involved.

The first rule, and this is a big one, is to use angles to your advantage. A picture is one-dimensional. Flat. This is good news. It means that by angling your body slightly, you make part of it simply disappear. (If only I could do that in real life just after my mom’s Christmas dinner). For your wedding photographs, it means that by simply turning to a 45 degree angle to the camera, (put one shoulder slightly forward and jut the opposing hip back) you can trim those unwanted pounds away. To make this a double whammy, stand up straight. Practice standing up straight versus slouching in the mirror. The straight stance sucks your tummy in and also gives you an air of pride and confidence. This and the angle make for an attractive and strong pose.

This angle concept gets better too. You know that little ghost of a double chin you hate? Well, as soon as you lift your chin up, it’s gone right? So why not have your photographer perched above you and then look up into the lens? Not only does this banish any double chin, it also thins and smooths out the skin on your face, making for a beautiful and interesting portrait. The next time you see photos you like, try to determine what angle the photographer took them from. You’d be amazed at how many shots of women are done from above for this very reason.

You’ve seen Top Model, right? Yeah well those girls are on to something with all their grimacing in the mirror – practicing your look and understanding your expressions and angles can really pay off. A good photographer will add to your image by gently encouraging you into your best poses and expressions.

And in the end, remember to have fun with it, highlight your natural gifts. Be yourself and let your unique one-of-a-kind beauty shine through. Nothing is prettier than genuine warmth and glow.

Cindy Hughes is a wedding photographer with Sugarsnap Studios, a boutique wedding photography company she runs in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit her website at

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