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Getting started – Booking The Venue

28 Sep

Here we would like to touch on the next big step in your wedding day planning, booking your Venue. This is one of your first recommended and most important bookings when planning your wedding to be.

We have put together some of the main and more important money saving points when first starting off with your planning when it comes down to booking your Vancouver Wedding Venues.

Firstly, you may have your heart set on the perfect date, BUT once you’ve found your perfect VENUE this will determine everything; including your date chosen and its possible availability or not. This includes both the date itself and the month in which your chosen venue has open availability to accommodate your booking.

The following key points are worth mentioning:

* Most Vancouver wedding venues book upwards of 1 year in advance, with the main season, May through September/Oct. booking the fastest.

* Saturdays typically cost more than a Sunday wedding date as they are considered a main day, some venues boast upwards of a $5,000 difference just between your choice of day!

* Holidays and/or long weekends can be DOUBLE the original pricing! This can also be true of your other vendors, example: Your Bridal flowers for a Valentine’s Day wedding.

* Many venues offer further savings for you when booked in the off season, typically November through January. You may also find additional savings for ‘weekday’ bookings…Fridays have seen a huge spike in bookings, with many people holding more cocktail style receptions and/or harbor boat cruises.

* Look into choosing and booking a multipurpose venue. If you are able to plan out both your ceremony and reception at the same location, you stand to save additional costs on everything from site fees, transportation costs, double set up/take down fees and more.

Lastly, do your homework, not all venues boast the same features (Even if you are promised them) I have seen and also attended weddings at even the most swankiest of places where everything falls apart, to some of the simplest backyard garden-style weddings becoming the most glamorous.

For a detailed listing of some of the most popular Vancouver Wedding venues, check out one of my all time favorite Bridal forums, BRIDE THINGS located in the “Links” side bar. They house one of the biggest online venue listings for the lower mainland!!

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