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Secrets of the Forest – Bridal Editorial for Perfect Wedding Magazine

1 Aug

It’s Published!

I am super excited to share our long awaited reveal on this shoot.

Our sensual, Bohemian-inspired bridal editorial has finally landed on the glossy pages of the Spring/Summer edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine!

Here are some Favorite shots below and be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video of our Secrets of the Forest bridal editorial.

A big thank you goes out again, to our amazing team on this shoot. Always a pleasure working with friends – Talented, amazing and dedicated local Bridal Vendors.

Enjoy! ūüôā


Behind the Scenes Video




Hair Adornments & Accessories: POWDER BLUE BIJOUX

Hair & Make-Up (For all Models):  FELICIA BROMBA


Cakes & Sweets:  MEG NELSON


Set Furnishings & Glassware: MEUSE BOUTIQUE





Cinematography DANIELLE DOBSON



Sweaty Breasts?! *Product Spotlight*

23 Jul

Did I get your attention???  Fantastic!

Because today’s post is all about some fancy little products and items that I think everyone should know about. Today we’re tackling the sweaty breasts, the dress chaffing, “tropical” heat moments of the Mothers of the bride and groom’s and more, and for those that might need a little more than a powder and antiperspirant.

The summer is now here and in full effect. With the temperatures outside rising, it is no big secret that some brides are often left sweating out in the heat on their big days, and of course the men too under their suits and tuxes.

Let’s face it, those dresses are often huge and hot. Yards and pounds worth of heavy fabrics and tulle. Throw in the fitted and bustier style upper portions, with boning, lacing and more. You got yourself a smorgasbord of stuff going on. Now add in some 35+ degree weather and high humidity, you have one uncomfortable situation!

So  today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite product out there, that help a lady out (and guys!!)  that we always recommend to our Brides each and every year.

Whether it’s preventing the tummy and chest sweating, the un-mentioned breast sweating, to the chaffing and heat problems that can sometimes occur with the wedding gowns…

Below  are some awesome items I want to share with you:

Fresh Breast Lotion

Fresh Breast Lotion

1. ¬†“B” Fresh Breast Lotion

We LOVE This product, and it’s pretty easy to get to, which we always love. Available online or at your many local Drugstore locations ¬†(Often in the deodorant/antiperspirant aisle) Just look for the little pink tube.

It’s a light weight lotion that can be applied wherever it’s needed from chest and tummy to inner thighs, drying to a powder like finish, It helps prevent sweating and chaffing.

As an added bonus, they even have a gentlemen’s version too, called Fresh Balls…Yes you read that right. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the rest ūüėČ

Bust Dust

Bust Dust

2. Kilma Health Solutions – Bust Dust

Another fantastic product that helps reduce sweating/Chaffing. Be sure to check out their entire line of products for just about anything you can think of, available for both men and Women!

Breast Coolers

Breast Coolers

3. Breast Coolers

These are an ultra thin cooling breast pads, that act like a sticker underneath your clothing.

These little light weight pads fit right underneath, or along the breast bone to help cool you down.

Cleavage Coolers

Cleavage Coolers

4. Cleavage Coolers

These fantastic little guys are  cloth covered self-contained gel packs.



5. Pambras

These are a soft cotton bra liner designed to absorb perspiration under and between the breast. They prevents wetness from seeping  through to clothing and extend the life of your bras. They also carry post surgery options as well!

Wick'em Bra Liner

Wick’em Bra Liner

6. Wick’em

Similar to the above liner  Рspecially designed to absorb moisture and prevent skin irritation. These liners work by pulling perspiration away from the skin and into the cotton fill. Again you can wear them regularly, or flip the tabs under for lower cut styles.


Huppo pouches

7. Huppo  pouches

This is a time release deodorant powder – The Huppo linen pouch delivers odor and moisture absorbing powder slowly throughout the day to the places you need it most. Your own movement causes the powder to be released from the pouch so, the more you move, the more powder is released.


So those are just a few of our Favorite products for brides to help keep them uncomfortable dress sweating at minimum.

While we’re at it though and talking Sweat, here are some bonus items worth mentioning that are also a favorite of mine:

Derma Doctor Med E Tate Wipes

DermaDoctor – Med-E-Tate sweat control wipes and Tease Zone Spray

DermaDoctor – Med-E-Tate sweat control wipes

I LOVE These guys! Something all makeup artists should carry in their kits too for their clients. Designed more for the “face sweaters” – yes, it’s a thing. This product is a great oil blocker and can help you prevent excess shine with your makeup. There is also their fabulous Tease zone oil control gel too.

Seban Liquid

Seban Liquid


Another oil inhibitor. Seban helps control facial oil and shine and other problems associated with oily skin. Available in both liquid or pads.


So there you have it ladies, a few of our top recommended items to help you control that sweat a bit more on your big day. Got any other products you’d like us to know about, shoot us an email.

Love yourself – You are Beautiful. True insight to your unique and beautiful self.

1 May

Ok¬† Ladies…

Today I wanted to post this, as I know many people have now seen this, some might not have…

Love it or Hate it – I hope every single one of you will take a few minutes out to watch this and reflect.

In my industry, I am face to face with women every single day. I see things up close and from a far.

I see SO MUCH beauty and it saddens me greatly when client’s don’t see it too.

In our industry of Makeup and Hair, we aim to enhance, bringing out the inner beauty in each and every single client. We are all different in not only our direct features, but our needs and concerns.

Understanding your vision, I aim to leave client’s feeling confident, radiant and pampered with a look that fits you and your personal style.

With weddings we aim to Transform you into the beautiful bride you always dreamed of being… Beautiful inside and out. No matter what your style is, your age range, your ethnicity. We want you to look and feel the beauty we see looking at you, even before all the Makeup and Hair.

I try to compliment my clients on the beauty I SEE…. but so often they discount it or feel true disbelief. Many client’s will automatically respond, as if out of programming, rebounding the compliment with a comment of an area they hate about themselves. ¬†Often focusing solely on the “negatives” they see, rather than an understating that we are all critical of ourselves, and what we see looking in mirror might not be at all what the person in front of you sees.

Many people assume as though when a beauty provider compliments that we tell everyone the same things because “beauty” is our job. This is simple not true, AT ALL.

I SEE beauty in EVERY client I work on…. I honestly do.

I see the sparkle in your eyes, your beautiful skin, smile, or lovely eyebrows. I notice the beautifully defined wide cheek bones that YOU think makes your face look round. ¬†What you consider that annoying “spot” – I see a perfectly placed beauty mark…

And for the record – FRECKLES are beautiful! please stop trying to cake-face cover them with layers of Foundation ūüė¶

I see everything about you and every single one of you has a unique beauty.

We are not all the same, so don’t compare yourself to someone else or these overly Photoshopped images you see.

All Those things that you think are imperfections are what make you, YOU.

Go ahead and look in the mirror and SEE what I see.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL…. Love yourself, and embrace your individuality!


The “natural” Bridal makeup.

22 Nov

Today we start the winter blogging with a bang ūüėČ

I wanted to take a few minutes this afternoon to dispel a few myths I’ve seen and heard floating about for those client’s that are thinking about that “natural” looking Make-up application for their wedding day…

There is often a huge misconception,  that brides who want a natural looking makeup for their wedding day should have it cost far less than say a bride who would like a more dramatic wedding day makeup look.

This is something, many of us Bridal Beauty vendors seem to hear a lot of, or see posted in the bridal forums, from brides who aren’t aware of what’s involved in a basic natural bridal makeup look. Many assume because the look isn’t heavily applied, or using “darker” color schemes that it must be easy to achieve and that “less” makeup is used.

The reality; Wrong!

A “natural looking” makeup application, is a skill set all in itself, that unfortunately many artists may not possess. There are artists out there that spend YEARS Perfecting this particular application technique!

It’s often far more time consuming to achieve, AND uses the same amount of product, if not more in some cases! The products used are often the same, and overall they still cost the same to purchase and use.

The more natural looking an application is, the more attention is need to the finer details.

It’s more so now about perfecting the look of the skin as a main focal point, with extra attention paid to sculpting the features of the face with contour and highlight so it doesn’t fall flat for pictures.

Then into any adjustments to further camouflage areas you don’t want to see, dark circles, blemishes, etc. and ensuring the right tones are used.

Extra attention will also be turned to the brows, to help sculpt them in to frame the face, filling in any sparse areas for a balanced yet natural looking brow.

The softer looking a makeup style is, the more focal point areas there is for someone to view, over say someone who might opt for a bolder smoky eye style to draw direct attention right the eye area as a main focus and/or away from any problematic or areas of concern.

A secondary thing to understand is now the photos itself and how it translates…

You can often lose about a 1/3 of what you see looking in the mirror when it’s then translated in your photos. Those bride’s with set-ups that are outdoors under the glare of the sun can fade out even more in some cases!

It’s about knowing where and how to place the makeup on the face to give a beautiful natural look.

Yes, of course you want to look naturally beautiful in person but let’s not forget the thousands of dollars you’re spending on photography for your wedding day too. At the end of it all, this is the only thing you get back and what becomes your last memory of the big day. You want to make sure you’re looking your very best!

Often that soft look you see in photos, is far darker and more involved when face to face, Your hired artist, will blend both areas to accommodate what not only fits your needs and ideals, but what will photograph beautifully too.

It’s not simply about putting less makeup on your face; Naturally with the same amount of time spent during application, products being used, etc. this is why you won’t find huge price differences, as often its far more intensive.

So remember at your bridal makeup trial when you ask your makeup artist for a “natural look”, be clear on your direction with reference images and know just what’s involved to get you looking naturally fresh and beautiful with that “no makeup” style look!

For examples of all makeup styles, visit us online:
…or follow along with us on Pinterest as we showcase all sorts of fabulous bridal details from Hair and Makeup images, to Decor/Details, Floral, Cakes and more!

Don’t let a skin condition ruin your big day!

28 Aug

For those of you out there suffering from any sort of skin condition or pigmentation issues this post will likely hit home for you and I encourage you to read it through. For those of you that might not be primarily suffering ¬†from any skin condition per-say but do feel they have a need for other forms of coverage be that for “dark circles” and so on, this too is a post for you!

Your wedding day is a day when all eyes are on you, a day filled with many pictures and lasting memories…

For those that suffer from such things as  medical level  Acne, Rosacea, Facial Psoriasis, Melasma and other forms of skin conditions the thought of this can often be over whelming and the internal battle with ones self-esteem can be exhausting.

We are ALL critical of ourselves when looking into the mirror, as we will often narrow into what we feel are our ‘flaws’. I tell clients time and time again that it is NEVER as bad as they often think it is and prove this over and over; particularly with clients concerned with ‘dark circles’ as that is often a minor and very simple ‘fix’ over another client who may be suffering from a medical grade condition and/or a more visible and disruptive condition.

I often get emails asking; “Can you cover_____?” this includes many things from Acne, Rosecea and more and the answer is YES.

A properly trained professional has both the knowledge and training to cover many problems that may arise but also the professional level products to do so.

Every year I come across many individuals seeking a coverage application for their conditions. I want my client’s to feel confident in their own skin, the best possible you for your big day!

A visual demonstration of my make-up application skills is posted below for your viewing.

This is a Bridal client of mine. This particular client suffered from body Psoriasis, including about 60% of her face, at the time of services. Having seen some of my work on past client’s with skin conditions, she was very excited and hopeful that I would be able to help make her into the glowing bride she wished to be for her big day. Even trickier yet, This client was also unable to take any medications to help control her psoriasis, so everything I did for this client’s treatments leading up to the wedding were 100% all-natural using ingredients found in most of our own homes!!

Left Image: The client’s “Before” image was taken after a light buffing and treatment of the facial plagues to remove excess buildup on top of the skin before the make-up application.

Right image: The Clients “After” images shows just what the right type of cosmetic products and technical applications of them can achieve.

These images are taken by me on a simple “point and shoot” style camera, no lights, no gimmicks and nothing fancy, just straight off my camera. No Photoshop.

As you can see just about anything is possible with make-up and a professional Make-up Artist at your side, so whether you suffer from Facial Psoriasis like the client above, acne or just some dark circles, be sure to seek help and answers from those trained in this form of coverage for your big day!

***A big thank you needs to be shouted to this AMAZING client for allowing me to post this to my client’s!

For more information on my Bridal Services offered, please visit my site at:

Tattoo Covering for your Wedding Day

13 Jun

The wedding date is set, are you planning to rock out that tattoo you have or cover it up?

Though it’s not a request we see a lot of anymore, covering them can still be done.

However, now a days, ¬†we see more brides that are wearing them proudly and even going as far as getting new services such as “tattoo bling” and “color brightening services” done via make-up techniques (Yes, all these services are available from us!)…I mean what was the point of getting something permanent if you are going to cover it up? Wear it proud and spruce up that dull looking tattoo. Why not re-vitalize it for the Big day?

Never the less, majority of our tattooed brides that we have had through over the years, do like to make one main a point, that majority of the times their friends/family know about the tattoo(s) anyways and it’s a part of who they are!

So today I wanted to discuss the reality of covering your tattoo up for your Big Day.

First thing to know is that Covering tattoos can be very time consuming! It is not just a quick 10 minute, slap-some-foundation-over-it type of thing.  It is also a fairly costly service. It takes a lot of products(s) in order to cover them and sometimes hours worth of time and a ton of patience.

You will also want to allot even more time for “getting ready services” on the day of to accommodate, pushing back your service times a fair bit more.

One of my Brides – Tattoo cover – As done by me & seen on her Wedding day
(Tattoo was in state of removal process)

Color enhancement on tattoo to brighten.

Next is having realistic expectations and understanding that although we can cover them, it is only make-up after all. We can do our best to camouflage the tattoo, but it will never look like you didn’t get tattooed, since there is direct and permanent damage to the skin itself.

It will, in most cases, be virtually undetectable in photos and to those who may not know of it/looking for it. But, depending on the tattoo, in some cases, can and will still be somewhat noticeable if up close.

Often it can take several layers to cover a tattoo. So this needs to be considered, especially in the case of those tattoo’s that may be in contact with attire and in risk of direct rubbing throughout your day. Though it is finished off with a sealer, there are still many factors that can hinder a cover and/or cause it to breakdown, regardless of Items used.

Numerous factoring agents can affect the application and it’s wear-ability including such things as; Selective color schemes of tattooed area, High movement areas and clothing interruptions, food and/or alcoholic beverages consumed, Heat and humidity, sweating, and general skin acceptance of products used.

As you see listed, alcohol consumption is listed, yes, drinking and Tattoo covers aren’t the best mix!

Allow me to explain this a bit better…

The consumption of alcohol in the days even preceding the event can and will often still have a negative effect on the lasting ability of the cover up being done for you that day.  Your body releases alcohol through the skin which can react with the products being used and cause the makeup to disappear or break down much sooner.

Alcohol should be avoided if at all possible or at least limited as it will also cause issues with your beauty makeup done as well!

Another thing to understand is that sometimes certain¬†prescription drugs ¬†in someone’s system may also effect the covering that is about to be done.

Your professional artist will be able to determine your best overall options if this is a service you may be considering.

After weighing your options, a secondary alternative is speaking with your photographer directly regarding your concerns. This is something we’ve seen of many clients, whose tattoos may not be practical to cover.

In many cases, or for smaller tattoos, they can easily and quickly remove your tattoos in a post-editing program from your final chosen images you select out. Again, your photographer will likely charge you an extra fee for this services and images might take a bit longer for return, but this is a happy medium and alternative for many clients. Thus giving the illusion of “no tattoo” in all your final images where it may appear.

So talk to your professional artist and photographer about your concerns, it’s often they can happily find you a solution to all your tattoo needs and any concerns!

For more information on Bridal services I offer;

Visit me at:

Body Bling for your Wedding day!

30 Mar

With this bridal trend gaining some serious momentum as of late, I wanted to take a few minutes out today to give a little feature love to this neat and creative concept.

Basically it exactly what it sounds like; Body Bling.

Taking the traditional henna design application one step further with glitter applications that can even be embellished with crystals and tiny jewels. From smaller accent designs or in place of necklaces and bracelets, your options are virtually limitless.

A great option for those that might want a little extra “show” but still want to keep things elegant for their big day.

From simple designs to larger more elaborate styles, these glittery designs can be seen gracing areas such as; across the back, arms and hands, shoulders and right below the collarbone…We’ve even seen a few done as dainty “anklets” on the Bridesmaids!

So here’s to pretty and glittery fun, cause for those of you that know, I’m a sucker for sparkly things ūüėČ


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